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Olive oil - the best natural hair and skin product.

Updated on March 1, 2014

The value of olive oil.

Olive oil is one of the most valuable ingredients of the Mediterranean diet. Rich in Omega 3 minerals and healthy fats that have a positive influence on digestion. More and more people are starting to replace butter with olive oil for health reasons. But because there is a higher demand there can also be a difference in quality to keep up with this high demand. Cheaper products are being offered in supermarkets and a lot of olive oil has been diluted with other vegetable oils.

Often people that go buy olive oil don’t know what to look for, the best thing to do is look for the “extra virgin olive oil”. This will have the highest percentage of actual olive oil and has many other purposes besides cooking...

The cosmetic use of olive oil throughout history.

Around 1500 BC Olive oil was being used as a cosmetic product in old Greece and Crete and Egypt. And about 500 years later the old Greeks started to notice the exceptional taste of the oil and started to use it in their cooking.

In ancient Greece, the ultimate honor bestowed on victorious athletes was the placing of fresh olive wreaths on their heads
In ancient Greece, the ultimate honor bestowed on victorious athletes was the placing of fresh olive wreaths on their heads | Source

Ancient Greeks used the oil as a skin moisturizer and skin antioxidant. Because it is rich in vitamins A and E it is a good oil to help your skin recover from damage (cold/hot air/sun/wrinkles/dry skin..) Old Mediterranean people knew this and have used this oil for centuries with great success.

Smart natural ways to use olive oil.

  • hair: Olive oil makes a great hair conditioner. It nourishes dry ends and makes hair less dry and fragile and reduces breakage and can actually make your hair thicker. What you do is, you can either heat up a little bit of oil in a cup and spread it over your hair evenly, or you can also put it on your hair unheated. Some people say it penetrates your hair better when it’s warm I personally always just use it cold and it works very well for me. Then you can either use plastic foil and whrap your hair in that or use a cheap plastic shower cap and make sure all your hair is in it. And wrap a towel around your head and leave it on your head for a couple of hours. An hour is usually already enough, but if you can leave it on longer that is even better. Then you will need to wash your hair, but you might need to shampoo it twice because of the oil. And after that, once it’s dry, you will notice that your hair is very soft and shiny. I usually do this once every couple of weeks. Because I also use a hydrating conditioner all other times I wash my hair, I skip the conditioner when I do the olive oil treatment though. What you can also do is use mayonnaise. Mayo exists mainly out of olive oil and eggs. And it has a wonderful effect as well.
  • hair color: If you comb a layer of olive oil evenly through your hair you can temporarily change the shine of the color a bit. If you live in a warm climate or are lucky to have the sun shining outside you can do this and go sit outside and let the sun shine on your hair. If you are a blonde you can create a warmer golden shine, and if you are a brunette doing this can create a warm golden brown shine.
  • nails: If used as a daily hand cream it can make your nails a lot stronger and healthier. Just use a little bit, a few drops and rub it all over your hands and nails and keep on rubbing until your skin has absorbed it completely so your hands are not greasy. They should feel soft and dry. If you do this on a regular basis your hands will be in great shape and your nails will feel and look stronger.
  • pregnancy: Olive oil is great for stretch marks and sore pulling skin of the stomach! A lot of expecting moms don’t know what to do anymore after trying everything on the market to make their skin feel better and less tight. A lot of women try out vitamin E creams, and have had good results. But a lot of women went completely back to basics and simply started rubbing olive oil on their bellies, which contains this precious vitamin E. And it leaves your skin feeling flexible and not as tight!
  • skin: You can exfoliate your skin using a mix of olive oil and salt or sugar. You can use olive oil as a night cream before bed. You do the same thing as with your hands, less is more. A little bit of oil goes a long way. Rub it evenly all over your face and rub it in until your skin has absorbed it all, this works exceptionally well if you have dry skin. You can also use it as a base layer for make up, and create a protective layer this way. It is also very good to treat acne. People tend to go for products that de-grease the face but that will only trigger your facial skin to produce more grease because the layer has been taken away from the skin. It’s a vicious cycle. The hypoallergenic and antioxidant components of olive oil will actually combat skin grease by cleansing the skin with the olive oil’s own greasy components and leaving the skin healthy and clear.
  • make up remover: No more rubbing your face raw with chemical make up removers that leave your face red and feeling sore. Especially when you’re dealing with waterproof make up. Just add a few drops of olive oil on a cotton ball and gently rub it over your face/eyes (make sure your eyes are well closed so no oil comes in your eye) and you will be surprised to see how fast the make up comes off. The oil loosens up the make up and that’s why I comes off your skin so easily. And if after that you take a small towel and rinse it with hot water and clean your face all the oil that is left on your face will either be absorbed by the skin because of the heat of the towel or be wiped off by the hot towel and you will be left with flexible and soft feeling skin. And this is also very good for small wrinkles under your eyes (that often develop from removing make up with traditional removers!)
  • sunburn: Instead of slathering on after-sun creams after getting a sunburn try olive oil. It will heal the skin and keep it moisturized.
  • natural sunscreen: If you evenly divide a bit of olive oil over your arms and legs and wherever you will be exposed to bright sunlight you will see that your skin is moisturized and because of the barrier it forms between your skin and the sun, it won’t turn red but it will tan evenly. You just have to make sure to re apply often and it is not waterproof. But it is completely natural!

© 2014 D. Lemaire


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