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Omega Constellation Quartz/Automatic Men's Chronometer, Chronograph Watch Review

Updated on August 31, 2012

Omega Men's Constellation

Omega Gents' Constellation watches comprise a collection that expresses and intertwines the ideas of universality and modernity. Its overall architectural balance and flexibility lend it several advantages: depending on the materials, movements, complications, and also the wearer, and even the setting, a single timepiece can act as a casual, dress, formal, or fashion watch.

Omega's more traditional alternative to this collection is the DeVille, where established orthodox horological principles play a more prominent role.

Stainless steel and gold become two main materials used in this line, though some jewelry models include diamonds on the bezel and/or dial. Still, men's diamond pieces can't match the jewelry variety and invention found in Constellation ladies. Movements range from Swiss quartz, automatic (self-winding), chronographs, and chronometers.

Omega Constellation Men's | Photo credit:  Omega
Omega Constellation Men's | Photo credit: Omega

The latter clearly indicates that the company considers even its most leisurely oriented creations as potentially professional, and in need of the utmost precision timers.


The two most evocative design features in men's Constellation watches (and which also appear in ladies' brushed chronometer version) are the bezel and the unusual crown protection.

The bezel, pressed with Roman numerals accompanying the dial indexes and essentially elucidating them, presents a striking resemblance to the iconic Corum Romulus. On the other hand, the crown protection and two matching symmetrical lips at nine o'clock betray a curious and not altogether remote resemblance to the highly successful Vacheron Constantin Overseas.

Furthermore, if we look closer at the bracelets, the straight, confident lines and the solid blocks reveal a conceptual similarity to Ebel Classic bracelets: while those arch in a famously recognizable pattern, Omega's appear to have been stretched and straightened into a more severe, formal scheme.

Indeed, while adopting, or even remotely quoting ideas from other watchmakers, brand designers observe to subordinate them to the Omega aesthetic.

Double Eagle Chronograph

Double Eagle chrono line offers a complicated Constellation watch upgraded to a sporting luxury category. The chronograph function and the rubber strap, all combined with a focused black dial (presaging the clarity of Speedmaster) render this piece a universal sports timing instrument.

This model is available in dressy rose gold, as well as in more casual and extreme oriented stainless steel and titanium.

Jewelry: 160 Years, '95 Editions

Both jubilee lines surprise by insisting – often, but no always – on mixing jewelry with high-end chronometer movements.

The use of yellow and rose gold and stainless steel define the single or two-tone appearance of each watch (over twenty variations), which can contain a quartz or an automatic caliber. Diamonds give these Omega collections the final touch of luxury.


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