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Omega De Ville Ladies Quartz, Automatic, Chronograph Watches Review

Updated on January 6, 2015

Omega De Ville Ladies

While clearly not as rich in complications, the watches of Omega DeVille ladies rival, and occasionally surpass the men's branch when it comes to design and fashion and jewelry enhancements.

Diamonds and stainless steel, combined with deep, expressive colors, mother-of-pearl modulations, and matching straps and bracelets produce exotic pieces of jewelry filled with certified chronometer and chronograph movements.

Saturated purple and bottle green colors featured in Constellation Ladies reappear here, providing the anticipated dose of mystery – but Omega go further, and introduce into this collection pastel whites and pinks.

These shades unveil the more playful, fun-oriented side of the Swiss brand. Classic single tone and two-tone bracelet Prestige models counterbalance this light mood with more mature and self-possessed qualities.

Omega DeVille Ladies Mother-of-Pearl Two-Tone | Photo credit:  Omega
Omega DeVille Ladies Mother-of-Pearl Two-Tone | Photo credit: Omega

As befits a feminine line, it consists of watches in various sizes, ranging from 22 to 35 milimiters. Additional calibers include quartz and automatic.

Co-Axial Chronograph

The characteristic trapezoid-shaped date aperture at eleven o'clock and the slightly flattened, made-elliptic subdials of the Co-Axial chronograph produce a slightly imbalanced composition that seems to conceal an undercurrent of slyness. The shift towards unusual geometrical forms generates a sense of dynamism and change coupled with soft imbalances. In psychological terms, this type of watch reveals a certain readiness to deal with the unexpected.

The Co-Axial Chronoscope abandons the ellipse for the perfect round shape, compensating for the move by the use of rare Palladium (also used by Vacheron Constantin Quai De L'Ille) and large diamonds.


Prestige women's collection, regular and small sized, offers over 30 classically designed Swiss quartz timepieces that range from casual and formal to fashion and high-hewelry – depending on the materials and stones used in their creation.

Leather straps, Champagne-toned, black and silverized dials add visual and textural variety, and enhance the collection's emotional expressive range. Lighter, mother-of-pearl and gold models can appear almost contrary in character to sever stainless steel versions.

Jewelry and Diamonds

Omega set the diamonds in traditional locations: in place of indexes and on the bezels (women's Constellation is more adventurous with the stones in that respect). Besides familiar triangular shapes pieces, rectangular, bigger baguette diamonds encircle some of the chronographs.


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