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Omega Seamaster Men's Watch Review: Planet Ocean, Professional, Diver 300m, Chrono

Updated on January 5, 2015

Seamaster Men's

With the Seamaster collection Omega provide a fully equipped and versatile department of marine timepieces – including chronometers, chronographs, and diving and racing watches – that complement the space-air-land designed Speedmaster.

The affinity between the two lines goes beyond the conceptual: Seamaster mens' timers are also intended for professional use. Equipped with high-end Swiss precision movements, enhanced water resistance and luminosity, and durable materials, they feature among the tightest specs packages offered by any brand in this exclusive luxury watchmaking niche (we discuss some of these brands below).

Still, however many similarities the two collections display, the Seamaster differs from its sibling in the essential aspect of design and aesthetics, encapsulating a different kind of mood and atmosphere.

As a watch designed for the flowing, inconstant ambiance of water, it embodies the aquatic medium, projecting an unmistakable quality of motion and flow – contrasting with the severe sharpness of Speedmaster. This architectural quality of flowing interchangeability and adaptability is one of the reasons why the Seamaster of all Omega watches became "the timepiece of choice” for James Bond.

Omega Seamaster Men's Stainless Steel | Photo credit:  Omega
Omega Seamaster Men's Stainless Steel | Photo credit: Omega


Design evinces the above mentioned quality by incorporating various colors, types of minute/hour hands, dial patterns, and other features defining the case, the bracelets, and overall architecture.

While such lines as Planet Ocean and Aqua Terra contain hands reminiscent of Speedmaster Broad Arrow, the 300m models opt for rectangular-trapezoid skeletal hands saturated with blue tones – classic marine and dive watches characteristics.

The classic Ulysse Nardin Marine Diver is closer to the Seamaster 300m than any other Omega piece; both brands even employ a similar wave-like guilloche – the former on the bezel, the latter on the face itself.

Furthermore, the Racing Chronometer and the NZL-32 Chrono display a complex grid that echoes the ultra-modern professional Jaeger LeCoultre Master Compressor – a high-end mechanical diver watch that aims to include all the latest technological achievements in the sphere of micro-engineering.

Planet Ocean

A professional marine and diving watch outfitted with a helium escape valve (appearing as another crown at ten o-'clock), unidirectional rotating bezel, and fat luminous indexes.

In reserved stainless steel and black&gray layout, Planet Ocean acts a casual or formal Seamaster; when embellished with gold, or bright orange injections on the bezel and dial, it becomes a straightforward jewelry or diving watch respectively. The darkest pieces evoke Blancpain Fifty Fathoms, another classic luxury dive timer.

Movements include chronometer and chronograph (the Chrono line); rubber and leather straps and metal bracelets (stainless steel, gold) allow for individual adjustment and weight control.

Aqua Terra, Railmaster

Aqua Terra is the more casual, relaxed version of the Seamaster – it even deploys a quartz caliber, a movement usually reserved for jewelry and fashion models.

It's a versatile collection that will not give up on the chronometers and the chronographs, though the general aesthetic implies that visuals play at least as important role as the mechanisms.

The two-tone and mid size eclectic variations will be suitable for both men and women; it is a traditional, classic design that bring to mind the clean Co-Axial DeVille. Railmaster watches, especially the chronographs, provide a more riskier alternative.


A division of Seamaster, but in effect a separate Omega collection, 300 M comprises items that resist water up to 300 meters and encase almost the entire range of the brand's movements. It comes in black and deep blue, supported with stainless steel bracelets or rubber straps.

Both the quartz and the certified Swiss chronometers have been worn by James Bond – a figure that literally embodies the ideas Omega want to express with this line: supreme, almost inhumane confidence and reliability, combined with a light, nonchalant sense of fun.


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