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Omega Speedmaster Ladies' Automatic, Reduced Swiss Luxury Watch Review

Updated on January 6, 2015

Omega's Speedmaster Women's

Omega's Speedmaster Ladies' focuses on jewelry and dress designs while retaining the quintessential chronograph movement and, usually, the tachymeter scale.

In fact, when it comes to professional usage, the lean, measured configuration of Speedmaster Men's – a design that can effectively be viewed as unisex – evidently suits women just as well as it suits men. The two main lines in the women's department are the Reduced (smaller sizes), and the Automatic – a model that opts for a self-winding caliber (echoing the Broad Arrow).

Light palette becomes the standard for Speedmaster Ladies': nearly all watches currently in production feature a white or grayish mother-of-pearl dial and a gray stainless steel bracelet with a unique central polish. Red, green, orange, and pink accents in the form of Arabic numerals, complemented or contrasted by red or white leather straps provide a lighter, more casual alternative.

Omega Speedmaster Ladies Diamond Watch | Photo credit:  Omega
Omega Speedmaster Ladies Diamond Watch | Photo credit: Omega

Diamonds set on the bezel and, occasionally on the dial itself elevate each piece to a jewelry status, while the uniform 35.5 mm size remains standard for all timepieces.

Dials, Design

It's not often that a feminine collection presents a powerful opposite to the men's – but this is apparently the case in Omega Speedmaster. Black aesthetic dominates gents' timers, projecting a characteristic mix of seriousness and almost military precision and attention to detail.

Women's creations counter with smoothly glowing mother-of-pearl dials, easier upkeep (no manual-winding mechanisms), and lots and lots of light. Diamonds crown this design, as they act as natural reflectors and amplifiers of light. It's not accidental that men's Speedmasters bypass this luxurious feature.


Steel case becomes the chief macro feature pointing to a close relationship between the two branches. The perfect round shape, prominent cylindric pushers, and strong, wrench-like lugs that appear to lock the case between them reoccur here and there, regardless of gender of purpose distinction.

Such specs as water resistance (up to 100 meters) and power reserve (40 hours) secure both the safety of the movement and its operability – Omega balance utility with design even in their most luxurious watches.


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