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One Bath & Body products are the "One" product I Can't Live Without

Updated on August 31, 2010

One Bath & Body

Solid Shampoo Hair Biscuit
Solid Shampoo Hair Biscuit
Nighty-Nite After Shower Skin Conditioner Bar
Nighty-Nite After Shower Skin Conditioner Bar

 In a world full of empty plastic packages, One Bath & Body has entered the bath marketplace with an entirely new and innovative way to shower without waste. This small Carrollton, Texas company is quietly entering bathrooms around the country and leaving a small footprint.

One B&B features something basic and simple, the solid shampoo bar. While we are all used to lathering up after pumping our bottles of chemical filled hair products, it may take some getting used to when it comes to a small, solid shampoo biscuit. Once the embossed tin gets popped open, the honeysuckle sweetness will fill the shower with the freshest, lightest scent  imaginable. Wet your hair, then  stroke the biscuit a few times on your head, and lather as usual. Your hair will be clean, fragrant, and softer than you can believe. I loved this product so much I went back to the store to buy the rest of the line, just to try them out. For oily hair, One B&B also has a "Squeaky Clean" formula, and for blondes, a "Goldilocks" bar is also available. A single shampoo bar does the same work as three 8-ounce shampoo bottles, but without the waste. It also makes a great travel shampoo because you can travel with it without having it confiscated by the TSA folks at the airport.

One Bath & Body also manufactures amazing bath soaps. Also packaged in recycled environmentally friendly boxes, the soaps are fairly expensive, about $6.00 each, but they last and they are made of the finest 98% natural products. I really loved the "Just 4 Me" bar, a combination of brown sugar and oatmeal. The smell is divine, and they leave your skin soft and peaceful. Currently there are 6 scents available, all a treat to the skin after a hard day.

Besides common bath products, One also has two unusual but really cool products for the bathroom. First, the After Shower Skin Conditioning Bar is a luxurious  moisturizing bar that glides across the skin, leaving scented oils and another sense of "aaaah."  Nighty-Nite is a lavender scented treatment for dry and stressed-out skin. After an evening shower, stroke the 97.4% natural moisturizing bar across your skin, crawl in bed, and sweet dreams are just moments away.  The "Oh My Gosh" lotion massage bar is a combination of oils and body butters that will tingle with skin contact, and gently coat your skin with a protective surface that helps stress fly out the window. The natural body temperature helps melt the bar  to the perfect consistancy. It's like a mini-spa, and they all come in their own embossed metal tins for storage.

Currently, One Bath & Body products are available in limited locations. To mail order, and are the only websites that carry the line. Target's retail stores also sell the products, but they sell out quickly and can be difficult to locate in the aisles. Walgreens stores will soon be carrying the products on the shelves, and there are also some small specialty stores that sell the One line. The shampoo biscuits run about $6.99, a bargain when you consider they replace three bottles of shampoo. The lotion massage bars run about $9.00. One B&B also has a line of bath sponges, lotions, bath fizzers and lip balms. The company is small, but their popularity is growing quickly and the impact less packaging makes on the environment is a great reason to try the products. In each tin you will also find a voucher for a free lip balm, sent to you after filling out a short survey on the One website.





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    • pampushky profile image

      Lori Orchow 7 years ago from Las Vegas

      I just want to add, I did the online survey and yesterday received 2 free lipbalms in the mail even though I did not send in the coupons. This is a great company with a bright future!

    • profile image

      Robin 7 years ago

      After reading this, I went to Target and bought the whole line! It smells amazing !!! Thanks for the great write up on it, I love trying new bath products!