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Love Rosegal, Nastydress and Sammydress? Don't Buy Until You Read This!

Updated on August 4, 2015

Rosegal $13.40 (60% off!)

Nastydress $12.80 (59% off!)

Aren't you just a lucky lady? You live in a time and age where you really have no need to interact with a salesperson, just about ever! Not only that, thanks to the lower overhead costs of online stores, you can reap the benefits of lower clothing prices, and have stuff delivered right to your door! Go you!

But, shopping online often comes with risks. I'm here to let you in on a little secret. If you like to web surf, there's a pretty good chance you're seeing clickbait like this little tidbit to the right. Sign up now and save! $50 to spend! Well don't jump right in there and throw your cash at them. Aside from the fact that the $50 they give you is split into five $10 coupons, you're really spending the same money as you would anywhere else for the same stuff, if not more!

Not Only That... They all sell the same stuff, at different prices!

Sometimes I like to play this little game called, "Let's fill up your online shopping cart, then never buy anything." It's a pretty self-explanatory game, and all you need to play it is a bottle of layer cake wine and a laptop. It helps to have reruns of Buffy playing on Netflix in the backround, but that's completely optional. On my third website of "Windows shopping" (See what I did there?), I had discovered that my cart was filling up with the exact same outfits, but the prices were like really different.

SammyDress $7.95 (We have a winner!)

Tidestore $21.99 (Full price-ish?)

NastyDress $12.20

NBD? Well, maybe your income is disposable, but for us little people...

Here's the difference. If I had purchased the four items I have included in this article without shopping around, I would have gotten stuck paying $54.67 plus shipping. On these websites, shipping can vary anywhere from $10.00 if you want to wait a month for your stuff, to $20.00 if you're an instant gratification kind of gal. Which means my total could been upwards of $70.00. Now, just by shopping around, I could find the same exact outfits for $25.26! If you don't shop around, you could end up paying over double! That's unreal!

Rosegal $11.96

Sammydress $6.89

So, how to shop smart?

Don't worry. I'm not about to tell you to play the online shopping cart game with every single boutique out there. (That would take an awful lot of wine!) There's a quick and easy way to do this! Just go to google, and type the description of the outfit you like word for word. Notice how even though these websites are different they all have the same description? That's because they all came from the same distributor, because they're the same darn item! Once you hit search, you'll be able to see every online store that sells it!

What else did I learn?

Well, for the most part Sammydress seemed to be the cheapest. The shipping and handling can get super crazy, so before you spend hours on a site do a pseudo check out to make sure that works for you. Also, these clothes are all made for super teeny-tiny girls, so think about choosing a size up.

Don't feel pressured just because there's a timer...

One of the first rules in sales is "Create urgency!" Don't hand over your credit card just because there's a timer. As you can see, if they sell out on this site, there's plenty more to choose from! Just do as the shirt says.

Trendsgal $2.47

NastyDress $5.48

Rosegal $5.70

How often do you shop online?

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    • vocalcoach profile image

      Audrey Hunt 2 years ago from Idyllwild Ca.

      I got caught in the "SammyDress" shopping frenzy not once, but several times before I learned my lesson. They feature real cute styles and low prices but beware my friends! Quality is poor, sizes are tiny and arrival time is forever. Never again!

      Good article and will share.