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Online Makeup Haul - & Christine's eStore

Updated on September 12, 2010

My Experience Buying Online

When buying online it's important that you purchase from a credible source. I'm still relatively new at this but I'd like to recommend two companies that I've bought from. has excellent customer service. I've purchased almost $175 worth of products from them and so far I've been relatively pleased. There was one instance where they sent me the wrong products with some of the items missing. I emailed them and within 24 hours they responded indicating that they'd ship me the missing products for free.

Whenever you buy they include free goodies (i.e. false nails) and most importantly, they ship world-wide. If you live abroad and you need to buy U.S. products, this is an excellent source.

I found Christine Bauzon's eStore on YouTube from one of her clients. She operates a multiply account here in the Philippines. After ordering makeup from her I didn't get a reply for almost 12 hours. I later found it to be an extremely rare occurrence as she compensated me with kind words and a free lip gloss. Since then I've purchased a good number of products from her, many of them being NYX. If you live in the Philippines and want hard to find US products, this is another excellent source. Here's the link to her online store:

I hope you benefit from my shopping experience. Thank you all for reading and have a blessed day :)

To view my online BF-Beauty / Christine Bauzon haul, please click on the video below.


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