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Summer dresses 2011- where to find them online

Updated on May 8, 2012

Online stores for your perfect summer dress

The internet era has brought on a rush of changes; and one of them is the ability to remotely purchase just about anything you can dream of. You will find that many of your local stores have websites that offer you the option of purchasing online, while other stores exclusively sell their products online.

Years ago I was in search of the perfect summer dress. Due to my very hectic schedule however, I had to resort to shopping online. I was amazed at the various stores online that offer a wide selection of dresses - party dresses, day time dresses, summer dresses, dinner dresses, lounge dresses and even sporty summer dresses. You name the occasion and there is a dress somewhere online for you.

When it comes to purchasing that perfect summer dress, a few places stood out for me. The price ranges and styles differ a lot from store to store, but I have made a list of my favorites according to price.

$80- $300


Cache offers very classy dresses for summer. What I like about Cache is that their dresses can be dressed up or down according to how you accessorize. Their dresses are often made with materials with some percentage of spandex. Their summer dresses can be found at their local stores also.

Boston Proper

Boston Proper is exclusively an online store. It is very similar to cache in that their dresses can be dressed up or down, and are made with some percentage of spandex. Their range of prices start a bit lower that Cache’s prices and their styles are also different. What I like about Boston Proper is that they take very simple styles and make them look very classy. Boston Proper also has an online outlet store that allows you to purchase dresses at reduced prices.

Ann Taylor

Ann Taylor offers a variety of tasteful summer dresses every year. Their summer dresses are usually made of a range of different fabrics. I especially love their strapless dresses. Ann Taylor’s dresses can also be found at their local stores.

$65- $150

Banana Republic

Banana Republic has very chic and classy summer dresses. I particular like their wrap dresses, but I have managed to purchase some spaghetti strap slip dresses that really work on very hot summer days. Banana Republic has local stores also.

Arden B

Generally, I am not a fan of most of Arden B’s dresses, but the particular dresses that I like - I really do like a lot, and will not find anywhere else. I love the summer maxi dresses that Arden B sells. I find them great for evening dinners when I am travelling and I feel like covering up a bit more than usual. Arden B’s dresses can be found at their local stores also.


Athleta brand dresses usually have a sporty style to them. The materials used to make the dresses often have a percentage of spandex in them, and hence the dresses are usually form- fitting. I like to wear their dresses when I am going to the mall or food shopping.

$45- $80


Altrec offers brands like Patagonia, Prana and Columbia. The dresses are usually simple with a slightly sporty finish. Most of Altrec’s summer dresses are day time summer dresses. They rarely offer maxi dresses. Both adults and teenagers can shop at Altrec for dresses. Altrec also has an outlet store online that offers reduced prices in dresses.

$25- $60


Venus is an exclusively online store. Their dresses are effective and reasonably priced. The summer dresses I get at Venus do not have the quality that I get at Cache or Ann Taylor, but they are definitely worth the price you pay for them. I particularly like the variety of styles and colors that they offer in most of their dresses. I often receive lots of compliments when I am wearing dresses from Venus.

Victoria’s Secret

Although you can get most of Victoria’s Secret’s lingerie at their local stores, you cannot purchase their summer dresses locally. I find their dresses very flirty, and enjoy wearing them. They offer a wide variety of summer dresses that can be worn both daytime and night time.

Delia’s, Tillys, Old Navy, Forever 21, American Eagle, Urban Outfitters

These stores offer reasonably priced, chic summer dress selections for younger crowds. I often buy from these online stores when I have to purchase gifts for my nieces or friend’s daughters. Old Navy, Forever 21, American Eagle and Urban Outfitters also have stores that can be found in your local malls.

$5- $1000

Overstock, Zappos, polyvore, 6pm, Nordstrom, Macy's

These online stores offer a wide selection of brand name summer dresses with a wide range of styles and prices. Calvin Klein, BCBG, DKNY, Michael Kors and Marc by Marc by Marc Jacobs are all brands that are offered by these stores. I particularly like Zappos because they offer free overnight shipping and free returns.

So there you have it! This is my compilation of online stores that offer some of the best summer dresses. The key to buying dresses online is to know your size. Be sure to check the sizing information charts before making your purchases. I hope this has been helpful to you. Have a great time shopping online as I do, and I hope you find your perfect summer dress at one of these online stores.

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