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Onyx Stone - Gain Strength, Stability, and Happiness

Updated on September 27, 2013

Beliefs around Its Significance

Onyx has remained one of the favorite gemstones of the ancient Greeks and Romans for a long time. During those times, it was believed to be an effective protection shield with which one can protect oneself from the impacts of witches and black magic, from gaining evil thoughts, and from getting into the anger mode. It was confirmed source of stabilization, wearing of which can brought relief from stress and loss of energy. Many used it and believed it as a stone of enhancing love and passion. It went on to become extremely popular as a stone which promotes independence from relationships, though for good. This belief is, in fact, quite prevalent in the present time as well.

Overcomes Additions, Confers Happiness

In the present time, it is popular for those enormous distinct benefits that it derives to its wearers. In Astrology beliefs, it is believed as the source of happiness, rejuvenation, positivity, and enhanced intuition abilities. It helps one get disassociated with undue sexual desires, addictions, and causes of despair and miseries. Its impact on these aspects sustains not only for the present, but also for the future. Fundamentally, it never lets its wearers go out of the line to do things which can draw them disappointment and failure, and thus, saves them from the miseries as they might would have otherwise derived out of it. In a way, it also lets one’s spirit rise high above the materialistic bondages to fly in the spiritual lands.

Source of Strength and Stability

This stone is extremely beneficial for athletes who attain strength out of wearing it. Those who are under any sort of mental and emotional stress eventually comes out of it with the help of Onyx. It also works effectively for those who are unstable in their thoughts and behaviors. It helps them get more determined, focused, and spirited. It also liberates them, from within as well as outside, from all sorts of negative thoughts and energies. They gain all those positive qualities good enough to do what they wish to do with conviction and success.

Other Benefits

It helps one move over the failed and conflicting relationships of the past, and helps one to not get excessively bothered by the memories as intact to them. It also brings success in business and profession. Onyx is also brought in use where a person is under the impact of a weak or malefic Saturn, or in case where Saade Saati impact is on over him.

Health Benefits

Onyx influences all Chakras, stimulates them, and makes them function effectively in sync with one another to derive utmost overall benefits for its wearers. Those who are suffering from any sort of health problem related to bones, nerves, kidney, eyes, teeth, or heart, or from the problems of Glaucoma, depression, epilepsy, blood disorders, and sleeping disorders are highly recommended by healers to have this stone for attaining relief.

Most Beneficial For

The benefits of Onyx stone pour in abundance over those who belong to Leo or Capricorn Zodiac Sign. Also, those engaged in any business or trade derives growth and success in their ventures out of wearing this stone.

Note: The intensity and effectiveness of benefits of Onyx stone get multifold, if it is used in conjunction with pearls and diamonds.


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