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Gorgeous Opal Watches Make Great Gifts

Updated on December 4, 2012

Opal watches are special. The opal emits a fire that no other gemstone can match, and when inlaid in a watch make a jewelry item that is both timeless and beautiful.

Watches are such an essential accessory in modern day life. You feel naked without one.

Watches come in all price ranges and in all sorts of designs and colors. Whilst their primary function is to tell the time, why not accessorise your outfit with a matching watch? If you are already wearing opals, what nicer than wearing a watch inladen with opals to match?

Opal watches are beautiful because opals are beautiful. Opal gemstones shine with a fire from within a seemingly plain smoky white color at first glance. Opals catch the eye with flashes of vivid colors and few gemstones can match the iridescence of opals. Opal watches are gifts to be admired and treasured.

Hand Made Silver Watch Set with Opal Stone

photo courtesy of Amazon
photo courtesy of Amazon

The Sterling silver Handmade Watch Set With 2 round shape opal stones- complete with silver safety chain is absolutely gorgeous and one which any woman would be proud to wear.

It is handmade of sterling silver and inlaid with opals and semi-precious stones.

Hand Made Silver Watch Set with Opal Stone

This beautiful sterling silver hand-crafted watch runs on batteries and would make the perfect gift for someone close to you. The total length of this watch including the strap is16.5cm, and the two opals that you can see in the photo above are set in exactly the right places to catch the eye. This is a stunning piece of jewelry that anyone would love to wear.

The amazing flower shape Hand Made Silver Watch Set With Opal Stone is intricately designed with flower shapes.

This is an absolutely beautiful piece of jewelry that is more of a watch on a bracelet than anything else.

One which any woman would love to receive as a gift.

Round face hammered silver watch set with round opal stone

photo courtesy of Amazon
photo courtesy of Amazon

Round faced hammered silver watch set with round opal stone

This beautiful sterling sliver hand-made watch has a pretty circular design at either end of the sterling silver watch strap the the round watch face contains two opals at either side with another little silver swirl beside the opals.

The Native American Style Turquoise Opal Silver Watch is absolutely beautiful and a stunning piece of equipment. You can see from the photograph here that it is inlaid with opals and turquoises, and was handmade by native American Indians. This watch was sourced in Arizona and is unstamped, meaning that the exact artist who made it cannot be identified, nor which tribe of American Indian were responsible.


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  • MoragCampbell profile image

    MoragCampbell 7 years ago from Planet Earth

    thanks J :) I will look up the lightning ridge opals.

  • J Sunhawk profile image

    J Sunhawk 7 years ago from South Carolina

    If you're selling opal, I would include the lightning ridge opals from Australia.

    Doing so will give people a taste of the finest opal gems in the world.

    Other than that, I think you're on the right track.

    Good luck.