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Operation Satin and Awe | Bra and Panty Sets To Blow You Away

Updated on October 14, 2009

It's been at least five years since Operation Shock and Awe went down and I think we can all agree that it's not too soon to co-opt the title for vaguely punny headlines. This article is serious business, and though it is unlikely to be the instrument of the downfall of a despotic dictator and the harbinger of illegal military occupation, it is definitely going to be about classy, sexy and sensual satin garments that you won't want to take off even when you've been wearing them all day in the inside of a tank and they're starting to get a little whiffy.

These are the sorts of bra and panty sets that will change lives, liberate desires and provide fantasy fuel for decades to come.

Leopard Satin Panty and Bra Set

I'm starting with Yandy today, because every good invasion should start out with the rounding up of the spunky, but slightly trashy specimens. That's how you build a good front line, you know.

You may note that certain strategic parts of this bra and panty set appear to be missing, but I can assure you, it is definitely meant to be like that. With cutesy little pink leopard print inserts hinting at your delicate and sensitive areas, wearing this little outfit is like being followed around by a sweet tease who just won't leave you alone, but in a good way.

Vivica Satin Bra and Panty Set

This cute little number comes from Vivica and it is a Japanese brand. I love the little lace frills which expand out around the legs and the lace trim which adorns the top of the cups. Soft, sensual, feminine and fun, this bra and panty set is everything you could ever want in a panty set. Surely it must be the democracy of satin and panty sets.


If the Vivica satin bra and panty set was the democracy of panty sets, then this Hustler set is the naughty conservative set, sitting back at home, lurking in dark corners and enjoying the heck out of itself at the expense of others. You'll feel like the king of the world (or at the very least, the owner of a major American weapons manufacturer) when you slip into this set.

Fallen Panties

This satin bra and panty set is said to be a vintage item from WWII. Embroidered on the front of the panties is the sweet message “Keep your panties on until I come home. OFF LIMITS” This message is then fairly well belied by the crotch zipper providing easy access for anyone not afraid of embroidered threats.



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      donaldlyn 8 years ago from IL.


    • profile image

      Kymcd 8 years ago

      Got to agree with that it looks lush

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      ILoveLingerie 8 years ago

      I like the Vivica Satin Bra and Panty Set. It looks great.