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Oprah's Favorite Things in the Bedroom

Updated on April 19, 2013

This was the last year that Oprah had her famous Favorite Things show. In the past I have always looked forward to this show to see what wonder and interesting items she and her staff selected. This year was no different and I found some great products that I look forward to buying for friends and family as Christmas presents and hopefully they will return the favor!

This last show had a lot of exceptional products and certainly a lot of surprises. As always it was great fun to watch the audience expressions. More importantly it was great to see that the second audience who thought they had missed the Favorite Things show by only one show and then to find out that they too got to share in the excitement was almost as much fun as being there!

Since this will be the last time Oprah does a Favorite Things show, I thought it would be fun to look at some of the wonderful personal products she had on the show a little closer.

Philosophy Hope in a Jar Daily Moisturizer, Dry Skin, 2 Ounce
Philosophy Hope in a Jar Daily Moisturizer, Dry Skin, 2 Ounce

My daily moisturizer for several years. It makes my skin very soft, very healthy looking, and glowing.


Hope in a Jar

This wonderful daily moisturizer is the choice from many women. It makes for a soft, healthy and glowing complexion.

This is an excellent cream for women who are looking for a face cream that does it all.

You can use it as an eye cream, night time or daytime moisturizer. This way you don’t have to purchase a whole bunch of different creams so in the end you not only get to have great skin but save some money too.

Women report that the product lasts a long time with some having their two-ounce jar for up to six months.

"Where there is hope there can be faith. Where there is faith miracles can occur."

Yoga Pants

If you love yoga or Pilates then you will love these pants.  They are figure flattering, of great quality and comfortable.  As well you will get a good fit over your hips and thighs.

They have a relaxed fit and are made of luxurious fabric.  They come in lots of styles.  The yoga pants come in black with a colored fold over waistband.  There are a number of colors you can choose for the waistband.

Nike Free 3.0 V2 Running Shoes
Nike Free 3.0 V2 Running Shoes

The Nike Free 3.0 offers the same sensation of running barefoot with quality of support and comfort.


Nike Free Running Shoe

This is a great running shoe if you want to improve your performance and reduce injury when you run or jog. The Nike Free running shoe offers a flexible style of footwear.

It is lightweight and breathable with an open sandwich mesh uppers that will keep your feet cool while running. Keeping your foot cool will reduce the chances of chaffing or blisters forming.

Nike has conducted many studies and found that barefoot runners build strength. Although you wont’ be funning barefoot the technology in this design will give your feet more flexibility allowing your feet to move as if they were barefoot.

The Book of Awakening

Why not curl up with a good book this holiday season and enjoy poet and philosopher Mark Nepo’s book.  This book is based on some challenges the author experienced when he had a life threatening disease.  He sought inspiration and guidance for his recovery and this book is a result of that journey.

It is a daybook, so each day of the year, January 1st through December 31st, you get an essay on wisdom the author discovered.  One example is “water reflects everything it encounters”.  After each essay, there is a short list of suggestions or questions that can help you take the lesson out into your own life.

Apple iPad

Who wouldn't like to find the Apple iPad under the Christmas tree this year?

This little computer allows you to watch streaming Netflix movies, read books on both iBooks and Kindle for iPad, you can browse the web easily, upload digital pictures from your camera and rent iTunes movies and music. If you take the kids out regularly to a restaurant they can use the interactive coloring book to keep them occupied until the food arrives.

The iPad gives more freedom to computing as it is small, fits into a handbag or briefcase easily.

There are also lots of after market accessories available too such as cases, kick stand, screen protector, reading light, headphones, touch screen stylus pen, and car charger adapter.


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