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Slimming Optical Illusion Clothing

Updated on October 17, 2011

Illusion created

Hourglass figures can be created through the use of color, color blocking and garment construction. Black, grey and white in one dress is popular. Dark colors give the illusion of slimness. So the illusion of an hour glass figure can be created on any figure as long as the bulk of the garment is made up of dark colors.

Light colors give the illusion of fullness. They are usually used to give the impression of bulk, so if a female wanted to look fuller in the bust area she would use a light color that causes the eye to be drawn to her bust line.

Choosing the right colors, there isn't really anything tricky about choosing your personal color palette, you really need only keep in mind what your skin tone is and your hair color. The choices are typically easier from that point onwards.

When choosing your color palette always remember that certain colors are more reliable than others and should make up the staples in your wardrobe. Flashy colors like red should be saved for accents and sexy moments.

Colors like black, white, chocolate browns, navy blues and beige should be considered neutrals that work with daily looks.

Choosing garments with princess seams, bust dart, waist darts can make all the difference in how the figure appears.

Wearing comfortable clothing, this can be detrimental to the the appearance of the female figure. Loose fitting garments are not a woman's best friend, no matter how full figured she may be.

Its interesting how color and garment construction can make all the difference in how a person looks and feels about their body. Women have a hard time appreciating their own bodies and with the media bombarding us about what is supposed to be the best body doesn't help.

What makes it worse is that the garment industry and fashion designers have their own personal views of what is a great body and it is typically not a real woman's figure. They have promoted what is not real, a teenage girl's frame or one's that are unhealthy.

It's a pity that we allow those who are struggling with their own self image to influence how we feel about our own. As a woman i believe in your healthy body, but that is only what is natural for you, and no one else.

As strong women, mothers, sisters, and daughters we need to inform our girlfriends, daughters, sisters and mothers that they are beautiful the way they are, instead of trying to conform to outside influences.

The man makes the clothes. Not the clothes makes the man.

Interesting concept correct, but what we wear does make a difference about how we feel about our selves, how others perceive us and what we think about ourselves.

I believe your health is the most vital thing, but if you are struggling with your self image you first need to be frank with your self. Truth of the matter is we are all an original! We are all priceless and no one has the right to tell us that anything is wrong with us just because we don't conform to what is considered the norm, especially when it comes to our body structure.

Tricks to clothing choices should always start with construction, but that is only after you embrace your body and the type of figure you have been endowed with by your creator and your gene pool.

Self knowledge is power. So ask these questions.

  1. What is my body shape?
  2. What do i like best about my body?
  3. What assets would i like to play up?
  4. What features do i like least?
  5. What features do i want to play down?

Dark colors make a difference. Here's how to use dark colors in your wardrobe.

Color choices.

  1. Black is always a necessary color.
  2. Dark blues are good.
  3. Dark green is a nice addition.
  4. Jewel tones are always a good way to get away from black and navy, so adding colors like eggplant, plum and purple are excellent non traditional colors.
  5. Dark browns are a great choice as well.

Other options

  1. Small prints, set on dark backgrounds
  2. Pin strips with dark backgrounds.
  3. Plaids with dark backgrounds.

Dark pieces are recommended to be worn in areas of the figure that you are trying to minimize or camouflage. These are the spots we try to down play, although, i must admit i don't always agree with covering up.

But if you feel you have to cover up or create illusions about your figure the colors you choose and the construction of your garment is important.

Optical illusion clothing begins with the eyes. These are not new. Using color blocking in garment construction is something that has been used frequently. But since fashion is such a fickle industry it takes on several translations. Some good and some bad.

The new looks have been advanced lately especially for the movie personnel and those who can afford the expensive high fashion designers. Kate Winslet was spotted recently wearing a 1600 dollar number in Venice designed by Stella McCartney, making her stunning hour glass figure pop, through a simple design that relied heavily on color choices.

Creating your hourglass figure can start with your foundation garments. Spanx has been in the media as one of the companies that promote what undergarments fix a female's so called problem areas. It's always good to know where to start.


  1. bra
  2. slip
  3. panties
  4. hosiery
  5. girdle

Spandex and latex, those stretchy fabrics used in the aid of slimming garments, is an advantage to the female figure. If you want to be bound to tight, slightly restricting garments. I find them aggravating but a necessary evil especially, if you are trying to fit in the perfect dress for that perfect event or evening.

Those of us who have wriggled in or out of such garments know what i am talking about and know from experience they are not as friendly as they are advertised to be. Yet. they can be of extreme help when trying to fit into that perfect dress that just doesn't fit perfectly in all the right areas. Or those areas that need to be smoothed out and to flatten specific lumpy areas.

Keys to doing it right.

  1. Perfect Outfit
  2. Perfect Color
  3. Flattering Construction
  4. Correct Undergarments
  5. Sexy accessories

For a few hours we endure them, it's like enduring those high heeled sexy shoes for a few hours longer than we intended, just because we like them and they look great on us!


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