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Oregon Ducks Apparel for Kids and Baby Outfits

Updated on December 11, 2012

Congratulations, Ducks, for making it into the 2012 Rose Bowl. We'll be cheering you on January, 2nd!

I coming straight out with it:, I’m an Oregonian but did not attend the University of Oregon or Oregon State University. I went to a big ten school, the University of Wisconsin, Madison. One would think my kids might be interested in the spirit wear from my own college, but nooooo. They couldn’t care less about poor Bucky Badger. I am not sure how this came about, frankly but they are die hard University of Oregon duck fans. That’s right, they won’t give the Beavers the time of day.

Their devotion to the Ducks heightened dramatically after the 2008 Civil War game when the Ducks secured a surprising victory, the Beavers hadn’t lost a Civil War game in Corvallis since 1996. The day before the big game was Spirit wear day at school, and my kids were just downright panicked they didn’t have any Oregon Ducks apparel.

We have The Duck Store at a nearby mall, so I popped in to take a look around. I wasn’t pleased with the variety and lack of sizes, so I decided I’d have to look on the online Ducks store. I just wasn’t thrilled with the prices there, and I wasn’t blown away by the selection. I figured it was a bit of a gamble, but I decided to see if Amazon had any Oregon Ducks apparel for kids. Not only was I thrilled with the selection, but the prices were generally better on Amazon. Not to mention, I found it very difficult to find the sizes I need on the Ducks site. In fact, I wanted to buy a cheer outfit for a very young toddler, but they only have toddler sizes 6 and 6X.

The online Oregon Ducks store mostly carries their newer products. Amazon has a wide assortment of Ducks apparel from previous years as well, so the selection is markedly better. Plus, some of the older styles just don’t cost as much. Anyway, as a Mom of twin 8 year-olds (a boy and a girl) and an 11 year-year old middle school daughter, I have a pretty good idea what the kids like to wear and what’s considered “cool”. As usual, spirit wear is on their Christmas lists, so I’ve been doing my own shopping on Amazon.

Oregon Ducks Apparel for Infants

Oregon Ducks Onesies (Creepers) for Babies

While I was shopping on Amazon, I saw these cute University of Oregon items for babies. If you have a Ducks fan who's recently had a baby, you can't go wrong with these items. My newborns practically lived in onesies, so I think the Nike 3 pack set is a wonderful and practical gift for new parents. Made of a cotton/polyester blend, the rib knit is very soft. They have a total of four snaps, two on the bottom and two on the back

Oh my goodness, I think the football jersey onesie is adorable. It's made of polyester with a mesh body to mimic a real jersey. It has three easy access snaps on the bottom and two snaps on the back. It is tagless, which a big plus for a baby's comfort. In fact, my 8 year old STILL takes all the tags off her clothes.

Finally, we have the Oregon Ducks baby creeper with a matching bib. The onesie is 100% cotton with three snaps on the bottom and two on the top. The collar is rib-knit and is a comfortable V neck. The bib is a hook and loop type fastener, also made of cotton. Again, this is the perfect practical gift for a new parent who just happens to love and adore the Ducks!

Oregon Ducks Infant Shoes and Slippers

There is something so cute about babies in little shoes and slippers. I can't say their altogether functional if the baby isn't walking yet. But, they will help keep his or her little feet warm in the winter. I love and adore the Ducks high boot slippers, I've seen them "in person" on a few of my friends' babies. They are so soft, made of a plush polyester material with a fuzzy inside lining. They are secured with an easy velcro strap.

The Oregon Ducks baby slippers are also charming. Again, these slippers are made of polyester, with a thick foam sole and padded on top. They have laces so you can properly secure them onto a baby. They are machine washable, which is a blessing in my book. They fit infants from 0 to 9 months.

Oregon Ducks Infant Booties and Socks

The final foot product is the U of O Ducks bootie socks. When my children were babies I fought tooth and nail to keep them in socks. I always felt like their little feet were freezing. But, much to my chagrin, those darn socks were always falling off their feet! I finally found getting the right kind of sock is key. Either you have to stick with booties or get quality socks with elastic cuffs at the top.

These booties are not only cute, but made to stay on! The socks have the elastic cuffs and the booties fit snugly. The booties come in all U of O colors: yellow, green and white.

Oregon Ducks Infant Hats and Rompers

The infant knit baby beanie is perfect for the cold winter months to come.  The ear flaps will help keep a baby's sensitive ears warm and dry.  This hat is very soft and made of 100% cotton.  It couldn't look cuter on both boys and girls.

The final way to keep your budding Oregon Ducks fan warm is to layer him or her in a romper.  This romper is a cotton/polyester mix with four snaps buttons on the bottom and four on the top.  It has the embroidered logo on the left chest as well as the back.  It comes with a lightweight baseball cap to complete the ensemble. 

Oregon Ducks Apparel Specifically for Toddler Girls: Cheer Outfits

Sadly, my girls have outgrown many of the cute Ducks apparel they used to practically live in. Their absolute favorite when they were toddlers were these cheer outfits made by Nike. The first cheer dress comes with two pieces, the dress and bloomers to go underneath. The first dress is yellow and green. They're made of polyester, a very durable fabric, so they're wash and wear. My girls wore these constantly, even when it was cold outside. They just put a green or yellow long sleeve shirt under the jersey dress and out they went. My youngest daughter would add tights to her little ensemble for most seasons. They are extremely cute little outfits... I think my girls rather enjoyed the public attention they got as little U of O cheerleaders. The larger outfit costs more, just make sure you're getting the correct size.

The second cheer outfit is two pieces, a halter top and separate skirt. It's also made of polyester, so it's a snap to care for. It looks different from the first outfit since it's green and white, but it's definitely just as cute.

Oregon Ducks Apparel for Toddler Boys (or Girls)

Some people may argue with me that some of the following Oregon Ducks apparel is more appropriate for boys than girls, but in my opinion, it's cute for both genders. Then again, I was never one to dress my girls exclusively in girly colors!

Pretty much every child I know loves the classic Ducks mascot t-shirt. This is a quality shirt made by Nike. Yes, of course we have this shirt, and it's been loved and adored by both my daughter and my son. It's very soft, made of 100% cotton. It's a sure bet if you're not sure which Oregon Ducks apparel to buy for a toddler.

The next t-shirt that is sure to be a hit with any toddler is the Ducks black glow-in-the-dark cotton t-shirt. It glows, need I say more?

The sweatshirt is another favorite among parents and toddlers. It's 80% cotton, 20% polyester and is a full zip hoodie. It has ribbed cuffs on the sleeves and waist. It says "Oregon Ducks" on the front and "Ducks" on the left sleeve.

The final outfit was loved and adored by my son, the Nike green mock double layer t-shirt and pants set.  The double layer look is "cool", for one and the outfit was very comfortable.  The pants are polyester with an elastic waistband.  Make sure you get the correct size and go for a size smaller if the toddler is thin.  We had to wait for a while before my son could fit into his pants, he's a very skinny guy though.

Oregon Ducks Apparel for Older Youth (Who Like to Look Cool!)

My daughter started middle school this year and I've been amazed how big spirit wear is! It's cool to dress in their middle school's spirit wear, as well as NCAA and "pro" sports wear. I thought maybe it was just my daughter first, until I spent some time at the school. I'm telling you, there are sports-themed clothes everywhere, on both girls and boys alike. It's just cool right now, I'm told. Anyway, as I mentioned she is a Ducks fan (although she will socialize with Beavers fans), so we've logged quite a lot of shopping hours looking for U of O apparel. To save you both the time and irritation, let me share with you what Ducks apparel is hot right now. Of course, its popularity isn't reserved for middle schoolers, it's also very hip with elementary school kids.

The girls are loving retro sport Oregon Ducks T-Shirts! I can definitely see why... Some are only available in adult sizes, but a small size seems to be just fine for my daughter. "Big" isn't an issue when it comes to this fashion.

The polar fleece Ducks jacket is another winning fashion statement. It's made by Nike and it's very soft and warm, made out of polyester fleece. Of course, the Nike logo makes it even cooler.

Any hoodie is a winner. And, it seems the longer the sleeves, the better! My daughter's yellow twill hoodie might as well be attached to her very body she wears it so often.

The beanies are also huge right now. They are evidently cool to wear both inside and outside! The one shown below is particularly neat since it's reversible.

I'm sure you know how popular baseball caps are right now (and have been for quite a while). The classic U of O baseball hats below are very popular right now, a sure bet.

Finally, if you're still at a loss... go for an Oregon Ducks watch. The kids love and adore these, they are great for Christmas, too. They come in a more masculine black look as well as a pink, feminine look for your Ducks fan!


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