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Organization Tips for Your Makeup and Wardrobe

Updated on September 3, 2016

Clean Out Your Closet Before You Organize

The hardest thing to do when you are organizing your clothes and makeup is to not have enough space to store all of the things that you do cherish and wear.

Step one to getting your closet in tip top shape is to go through every item and set aside things to get rid of. What are some things to get rid of?

  • Clothes that no longer fit. This includes too large, too small, buttons missing, failed zippers and the like. If you cannot repair it, alter it, or tailor it in, let it go.
  • Items you no longer wear. It doesn't matter how adorable that outfit was 3 years ago. If you have not worn it since then, let it go to the donation or sale pile.
  • Items you don't need. Do you really need 3 coats that look pretty much the same? If real estate is at a premium in your closet, free up the things that are near duplicates that are not needed for school or work.

Seasonal items should be set aside if you are still going to use and wear them when the correct season rolls around.

Cosmetics. When sorting through makeup, set special occasion makeup into a separate place, but rid yourself of things that are older than a year old, or if the containers are damaged, or the contents are damaged. If something smells bad or funny, get rid of it. If something has changed color or texture, get rid of it. I had a foundation that I loved. A move cross country in a non climate controlled environment left it smelling sour. Ditched it and never looked back.

The same goes for bath and body scents. If they do not smell the same, get rid of them. If they are separated, get rid of them. Don't take chances with things that you wear on your body.

Clothes that are still serviceable and in good condition can be sold or donated. If you do decide to donate, make sure that you get a receipt for tax deductions.

Don't forget shoes when you are going through things to organize. Get rid of any shoes missing mates, shoes in poor condition, and shoes that you do not wear anymore. I used to hang on to shoes that held sentimental value to me, but then when I saw how much space that they took up, I quickly abandoned that plan as I did not have enough room as it was, without holding onto memories in the form of footwear. I took pictures of the shoes I liked and saved them to a disk, but amazingly enough, when I got a new computer, it was one of the picture files I deleted as I had moved on to other things.


Hanging Vs Folding

There are a lot of silly rules about what should be hung and what should be folded, but I say other than things like heavy sweaters that will stretch out if they are hung, if you have more room to hang things, hang them. If you have more room to fold them, then fold them.

Hanging clothes will not get all of the wrinkles out of them. You will still need to iron them as needed. Even taking them into a steamy shower room will not eliminate all of the wrinkles in the same way that a hot iron will.

If you hate to iron clothes, start replacing the ones that you don't need for work or school with wash and wear options instead. You will be a lot less frustrated when it comes time to getting your clothes ready to go out.


Arrange Clothes By Use and Week

When you are arranging outfits,one of the best things that you can do is to arrange the outfits that you will be wearing onto one hanger. It takes up less space, makes getting ready go a lot quicker, and doing this also makes sure that your wardrobe gets rotated on a more even basis.

Before I did this, I used to suffer from the "I have nothing to wear" syndrome. Once I started matching up a different outfit for every day of the week, I learned what items I needed more of as well as what items I bought too many of. I learned I had a really well rounded out wardrobe in certain areas, though. (Does anyone really need 5 burgundy sweaters in the same exact style? When you cannot find a single one of them in your closet, apparently you do!) By doing this, I made a lot more versatility happen with my clothing. When you have less items, you get more ideas of what to do with what you have versus buying more in the shops.

Lining up a week of clothing in advance will also allow you to take a moment and look over the entire outfit to check for stains, rips, missing buttons and general wear.


Shoes- Are They Fit to Wear Out or Are They Worn Out?

When going through your shoes, as I mentioned, storing shoes takes up a lot of space. You cannot fold them, you cannot slip them onto a clothes hanger. If space is a premium, rethink holding onto shoes that you will never wear again. I mentioned this above, but it bears repeating because shoes take up so much space that when I got rid of shoes that I didn't wear, I was amazed how much space was created.

I once had a pair of flip flop sandals that I dearly loved the way that they looked. Every time that I wore them, they would cut into my feet and cause horrid red marks and blisters. I had taken them on a very fancy tropical trip and I did not want to lose the memory of the places that I had walked in the shoes. I wore them one last time and donated them to a local charity since they were in such good shape. If a shoe does not fit properly when you first put it on, it probably won't get any better as time goes on. Make room for better shoes!

If you have more shoes than space, try using an empty suitcase to store them in.


Cosmetics and Organization

Makeup is one of the things that women will get very emotional about, especially if they have worn it to special occasions. If you have worn makeup to a special place, or if you have special makeup that you wear when you are going out, then set aside a special drawer for it.

Organizing the rest of your makeup should be a cinch.

Foundation, concealer and moisturizer should go in one drawer or section. This should be all of your primers, eye treatments, BB creams, tinted moisturizers and any other products that you use before you start applying colors.

Next should come your blushes and cheek colors. These may or may not need a second drawer or section. I tend to have about 3 or 4 blushes and other cheek products.

Eyeliners and mascaras may or may not take up a lot of room, depending on how much you like them. Do note about when you bought them as mascaras should only be used for about 3 months before it is time to get a new one. I have several mascaras going at once, and the same goes for eyeliners. If it smells weird, loses the way it normally applies, gets really wet or really dry, get rid of it.

Eye shadow will most likely have its' own drawer. I arrange mine from light to dark in color, and the ones that I find myself using the most I will arrange at the top of the drawer so that they are easily accessible.

Lip products for me will have their own drawer or at least a very, very generous section. I will have lip liners, lipsticks, lip glosses, lip tints, lip balms, lip gels and any other lip product in this drawer. I will also put a lip brush in this drawer, because it tends to be shorter, I have noticed that it will get lost in my makeup brushes.

Brushes will get their own section, and I make sure that I clean all of my brushes once a month.

Feeling Better About Your Things

It can be daunting to go through all of your things and make sure that everything is sorted, and you may find that you don't have enough room to put everything in the way that you would like it to be. I find that using luggage to store out of season things and slipping the suitcases under the bed works wonders to make space.

I also find that once I have gone through, sorted everything out and donated things off to charity, I feel a lot better about the things that I do have because I find that the things I am left with are the things that I love.

Organizing Your Closet

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  • BestCrispAir profile imageAUTHOR


    5 years ago from Texas

    Glad that you liked them, I will be adding more hubs about being more organized in the near future. Add me if you would like to see them as they come out. Thanks for reading my Hub!

  • profile image


    5 years ago

    I enjoyed these tips. I am always browsing on new ways to organize in my home (closets, pantry, etc). I feel like the possibilities are endless. I will have to try some of these ou. Thanks for sharing!


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