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Oriflame Consultant in Mumbai are friendly

Updated on November 28, 2013

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Great people to be with

Hi Friends, I want to share with you the wonderful time I spent in my recent visit to Mumbai. I came to Mumbai to meet Oriflame consultant, Mrs Sharma.

She had invited her friends at her home for a demo of Oriflame products. She had a great friend circle. We had a great time as we played games and shared our thoughts and ideas.

I spoke to them for a few minutes. I told them that if they do what they do in the best possible way they will be in the top of their field. The better you get, the better your life gets. This is the key to success in any area of life. When you do something that has a positive impact on your life then it has a spill over effect on other areas of life.

Then I went ahead sharing what I like about being a part of the Oriflame family:

  • I get to make new friends
  • I get to learn new things
  • I get to make myself look good
  • I feel more confident about my self
  • I discover new ways to make life wonderful
  • I get to try new products
  • I love the discounts on my purchases
  • I like to go to events and parties
  • I like being busy
  • I like helping others
  • I like to do make up
  • I like to recommend products to my friends
  • I like to see the latest catalogue
  • I like to attend the recognition events
  • I like being myself!

Sharing my experience

I had nothing when I got started because I had just left my job. I had just gotten married. I did not have to work because my husband was doing very well. But I was thinking how I get the results that people who are financially independent get. How can I learn the principles of success and practices them in my life to make some extraordinary achievement in life.

I was living in Pune then but once in a while I would come to Mumbai where people love the idea of an additional income. I met this group at Mrs Sharma's residence. they were so interested in knowing the levels in Oriflame & potential earning at each level that it make me surprised.

Before I shared with them that the first level is know as Consultant I told them to dream about what they want in their life. I told them to imagine that what would they do if they had all the resources in life to get everything they want. They were happy to know that. Then I told them that as a consultants they receive 20% commission on orders they collect from their friends. This is the cash that keeps you rolling. But I reminded them that dreaming big dreams makes you positive, optimistic and self confident.

What would you dare to dream if you were confident of success? I asked them and then told them that they will receive gifts worth 5000 from Oriflame in the first 3 months as they complete 100 points as part of the welcome program. When you dream something you can achieve them. Dreaming big makes you see yourself differently and doing things that you may not have done so far.

You must define your goals. What ever you think about most of the time you progress in that direction. When you register others as an Oriflame Consultant in your group, you receive fantastic business gifts even when they reach certain goals. From time to time there are recruitment campaigns when you can get eligible to receive gifts when you guide a few other women or men on how to get started in Oriflame and help them complete and qualify for the welcome program gifts.

I don't like to gossip about others. I like to make a list of my goals and work on it daily. When I come to know that in addition to these gifts I can earn up to 21% commission on my group's total order, I wanted to unlock this potential because this can be a very big income and the best part is that once you start building your team you find like minded people who work with you to build the team. If you love to help people then you can put your whole heart into this and have enough excitement and energy to achieve your hearts desire.

We have a wonderful coaching program for those who want to grow fast. I can not tell you how wonderful this is. I have see people getting onto it and producing extraordinary results. This is not a miracle pill but it is a structured approach to build your self. The ultimate gift people get is their own self development. When people look into the mirror and find a new 'you' they are so delighted. Nothing in the world gives you so much pleasure as seeing yourself in a new light.


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