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Oriflame India Online Flyer

Updated on November 21, 2013
Oriflame Online Flyer
Oriflame Online Flyer | Source

Oriflame Online Flyer 21st to 24th November 2013

Oriflame has announced an exciting Online Flyer for all Oriflame Consultants in India.

This Online flyer is starting from 21st November 2013.

On this flyer there are 17 products with attractive discounts UPTO 60%.

Offer Validity: 21st November - 24th November, 2013

Please Note:

- Offer is valid till stocks last so act fast to get as many products as possible

- Online ordering start at 10:00 AM on 21st November, 2013

- All the products are ONLY available through online ordering.

Ritu Kumar Black Stole Code: 108451 MRP: Rs. 1149 OMRP: Rs. 579


Ritu Kumar Beige Stole Code: 108450 MRP: Rs. 1149 OMRP: Rs. 579


Very Me Clickit Lip Gloss - Neon Pink 3.5ml Code: 20524 MRP: Rs. 189 OMRP: Rs. 129


Optimals White Foaming Cleanser Code: 12553 MRP: Rs. 449 OMRP: Rs. 329


What makes Oriflame Online Flyer exciting?

One of the things that makes the Oriflame Online Flyer exciting is that it comes totally unexpectedly. Sometimes Oriflame Consultants wait for the online flyer to arrive and are disappointed when there is no online flyer and then sometimes there are 2 flyers announced in the same month.

As soon as a flyer is announced you can see Oriflame Managers and above start informing their teams about it and there is a wave of communication that spreads via email, sms, calls, Facebook, Google+, Twitter, etc. This is what makes Oriflame exciting.

Usually the online ordering for the products from the online flyer starts at 10am. Many Oriflame Consultants are ready with their order much before that and they start placing their orders quickly. Those who act early get most of the products and those who wait for the last day are sometimes left behind or get few of the products.

Discover Santorini Blue Paradise Bath Foam 400ml Code: 21189 MRP: Rs. 398 OMRP: Rs. 249


Very Me Eye Envy Code: 24955: FBlue, 24956: SBrown, 24957: BSky MRP: Rs. 279 OMRP: Rs. 199

Hair X Round Brush Code: 16183 MRP: Rs. 279 OMRP: Rs. 229

Giordani Gold Ruby Lipstick 4G - Tender Nude Code: 21688 MRP: Rs. 529 OMRP: Rs. 249

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Nature Secrets Shower Gel Rel L&F Code: 23409 MRP: Rs. 379 OMRP: Rs. 279

Nature Secrets Hand & Body Cream LF Code: 23411 MRP: Rs. 398 OMRP: Rs. 199

Ascendant Edt Code: 10919 MRP: Rs. 1790 OMRP: Rs. 1045

Only Oriflame Consultants can avail of this offer through online shopping. Contact Oriflame Consultant in your city.

Oriflame brings out a beautiful catalogue every month and in addition to this, Oriflame announces an Online Flyer from time to time. It is not certain that an online flyer will be announced every month but whenever Oriflame brings out an Online flyer an email is sent to all Oriflame Consultants on their registered email id. In addition to that the link to the online flyer is also placed on the 'current month offers' page on the Oriflame website. Consultants can check out the products and place the order online. If you are an Oriflame customer you can contact an Oriflame consultant to get these products for yourself.

Gloss Booster Code: 23851: Cherry, 23852: Grape MRP: Rs. 298 OMRP: Rs. 119

OB Wonder Balm Code: 23099 MRP: Rs. 249 OMRP: Rs. 199

Native Force Edt Code: 23828 MRP: Rs. 1590 OMRP: Rs. 799

How to Order Products from the Oriflame Online Flyer?

If you are an Oriflame Consultant you can order products from the Oriflame online flyer by logging into your account and clicking on quick links - vip ordering. Products from most of the online flyers announced in India can be ordered online and you can get home delivery or you can collect if from any of the Oriflame branches. (Sometimes there are branch specific flyers and sometimes the flyer is common to all branches in India. Sometimes there are flyers where you can only get the products by going to the Oriflame branch.)

For the current online flyer you can order products online (both products from the catalogue as well as products form the online flyer) and either collect from branch or get home delivery.

If you are an Oriflame customer you can contact a Oriflame consultant from your city to order the products.

Should you become an Oriflame Consultant?

I don't recommend you to join Oriflame just to buy products from the online flyer. This is because you will not benefit to buy products in small quantity. But if you want to get into the Oriflame business seriously then you can join Oriflame. If you want to make money you need to learn from someone who has got good success and is ready to teach you how to be successful in Oriflame.

Demi Nail Polish Code: 25084: B Red, 25086: Burgun MRP: Rs. 398 OMRP: Rs. 259

Pure Colour Floral Lipstick - Fuchsia Red Code: 24057 MRP: Rs. 198 OMRP: Rs. 99

Oriflame Pure Colour Nail Polish - Natural Bronze Code: 24107 MRP: Rs. 169 OMRP: Rs. 129

What question or comments do you have about the Oriflame India Online Flyer for the current month?

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