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Oris Aviation Flight Timer Swiss Wrist Watches Review

Updated on January 12, 2015

Oris Flight Timer: Harmony and Balance

Oris Flight Timer watches continue the trend of combining elegant visuals with multi functionality. Flight Timers – two models currently in production, Day Date and R4118 Limited Edition – are different in that they borrow the looks from historical rather than modern design concepts. As a result, the watches display a visual structure that unites the old with the new. Flight Timer collection succeeds once again in showcasing Oris' strongest side: powerful sense of harmony and balance.

Oris Flight Timers bear several aesthetic features that distinguish them from the majority of competitors. First is the fluted ring shaped bezel – a simple yet effective decorative motif that traces its history to primitive jewelry. Second is the immediately recognizable oversized vertical crown at two o'clock, a device that allows the pilot to set a second time zone while wearing gloves.

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Oris Flight Timer StrapOris Flight Timer
Oris Flight Timer Strap
Oris Flight Timer Strap
Oris Flight Timer
Oris Flight Timer


Dials present a complex grid of scales, inner rings and guilloche that are surprisingly easy to read – again, Oris capitalize on their ability to generate harmony of design on limited space (thought the watches are notoriously large).

Medium sized indices are effortlessly scattered around the borders, supported by sharply focused Arabic numerals. However, the most unique feature of the Flight Timer is the hands.

Oris have shown in various collections their propensity for symbolical representation; for instance, the hands of Oris Divers watches echo various vessels, while a wavy, ocean inspired pattern adorns the faces.

Flight Timers' hands are more difficult to describe. It's another Aviation collection that provides a clue: Oris BC3 watches carry a set of hands reminiscent of rockets – the hands of Oris Flight Timers look like space stations! A sensible conclusion considering that the multi-ring dial composition strongly alludes to the solar system.

Materials and Movements

Stainless steel and leather straps or metal bracelets are the standard materials in Oris Flight Timer. The company is careful not to introduce any redundant luxury elements into these essentially professional watches.

25 jewels automatic calibers beat inside the cases and store up to 42 hours of power reserve. The movements provide chronograph, second time zone and day-date complications – pilot's essential inventory.


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