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Oris Aviation Wrist Watches Review: BC3, BC4, Advanced

Updated on April 15, 2012

Oris Pilot's

Oris Aviation BC3 and BC4 wrist watches contain a range of pilot's functionalities and present a tightly focused front – qualities you come to expect from an aviator's timer.

Neither collection breaks new ground, but they reproduce standard brand features, stressing renowned Swiss quality and reliability. An affordable alternative to Breitling, Oris pilot's watches exhibit a solid sense of style -- usually a more bulky, massive architecture (aimed to be worn on nomex gloves) -- that gives them enough edge to hold their own visually.


What distinguishes Oris Aviation from their Motor Sport counterparts is the unmistakable dressy streak. In a way, pilots' timers reflect the familiar stereotype of air personnel feeling superior to the ground pounders.

Without going into the perpetual debate of who is more worthy, I'll opine that when it comes to uniform design, professional pilots usually have the upper hand – and this elitist feel penetrated, at least to a degree, the Swiss watchmaking industry as well.

The Germans, who make several air-force designed timing instruments, are more reserved in this respect, offering various small brand (Laco, Tutima) creations that more often than not stick to traditional pilot profile. Still, Oris is a Swiss made watch.

Notice that all BC4s feature four screws at the corners of the cushion-shaped case, a design wrinkle that guarantees structural integrity, but also carries a decorative function.

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Oris Black StrapOris Aviation WatchOris BC4 ChronographOris BC4 Pointer Day
Oris Black Strap
Oris Black Strap
Oris Aviation Watch
Oris Aviation Watch
Oris BC4 Chronograph
Oris BC4 Chronograph
Oris BC4 Pointer Day
Oris BC4 Pointer Day

Oris BC3

Oris BC3 is a vintage collection and a counterpart of the Motor Sport Chronoris.

It projects a strong retro look, especially the pieces with the brown-colored faces, and keeps things maximally simple. Each watch contain the basic day and date complications and a set of powerful, even aggressive rocket-shaped hands.

Perfect round case and two pairs of thick lugs complete the picture of confident simplicity. This is a timer that can fit perfectly within the German mold of utility and severe, strictly military oriented design.

Oris BC4

Oris BC4 is a more technologically advanced collection that includes truly multi-functional timepieces. Not only such standard functions as day and date appear in new and surprising configurations (trapeze, half-circle, rectangular shaped apertures to display the data), the watches also add on a chronograph function, as well as the impressive over-sized vertical crown (in separate models).

The BC4 offers several variations, some arriving in black (DLC plated) stainless steel cases; combined with the black dials and black leather straps, camouflage grows in particular quality and effect in these pieces. Domed sapphire crystal glass is standard.

The Flight Timer, equipped with the massive crown at two o'clock, is the brand's benchmark piece: it allows for flexibility in strap/bracelet, and features the aforesaid chronograph.


Both lines contain purely mechanical calibers that withhold between 25 and 30 jewels. The jewels (watchmakers usually use artificial rubies) reduce friction and boost durability – their worth lies in their mechanical properties rather than in being “jewels.” The movements provide between 38 and 42 hours of power reserve.

With some exceptions, Oris deploy modified ETA calibers. Separate watches are declared to contain brand in-house developed movements.


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