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Outfit of the Day: Second Date Look

Updated on May 27, 2014

What to Wear on a Second Date

So you got that second date. Take a moment and do that happy dance you know you’re guilty of whenever something exciting happens- don’t lie you know you do it!. Hopefully your first date jitters have now subsided so you can finally relax, but not too much because now you have to worry about what you’re going to wear, again! Although you may have passed that first big test, passing the second (and hopefully third, fourth and so on) is still crucial if you really like the guy. So long as you relax and continue to be true to yourself, the ensuing date(s) should get easier and more fun- if they don’t, it might be time to look at other options. If you’re a fashion crazed girl like me, staying true to yourself and feeling your best is achieved by wearing an awesome outfit that you love!

I recently had quite possibly the best first date ever, and was ecstatic over the fact that the guy quickly asked me on a second- always a good sign. Although I had about a week until this much-anticipated second date, of course my mind immediately got to work on what I would wear! It’s pretty obvious I always love to look my best no matter the occasion. Whether you’re running errands around town or attending a major event, it’s important (and easy) to look stylish because who knows whom you’ll run in to. Getting the second date may have been accomplished, which allowed me to take a breath, but I still had to worry about what my perfect second date look would entail. It’s always been my opinion that you should always look good for the guy you’re involved with- chances are he fell for you because of your amazing personality and how stunning you looked the first time he saw. Now obviously you’re not expected to like a runway model every single day of your life- as I mentioned, you can always look good no matter the occasion. Whether it’s a new relationship or you’re approaching your 30th anniversary, looking good for your man shows you care about his feelings because you’re still that same girl he fell for. You wouldn’t want him to become content and stop being the gentleman you fell for, would you? I know I’ve gotten side tracked by a small tangent, so I’ll make this short and sweet- for the second date be sure that you’re still be on your outfit A-game, but take a deep breath in knowing that you’ve clearly been doing something right.

Hopefully my second-date outfit inspires you, and will give you the confidence you need to feel your best and be yourself!

A closer look at this second date look! Media provided by Polyvore.
A closer look at this second date look! Media provided by Polyvore.

Second Date Look

For this second date look, I maintained the sophisticated sassiness of the dress I wore for my first date, but since the temperatures were cooler I had to wear pants. Goosebumps throughout an entire aren’t the most flattering! For the top, I wore a fitted peplum tank in a bright royal blue color. The peplum tank zipped up in the back, which added a bit of edgy detailing that I love. I paired the peplum with some black leggings with a scuba curve-hugging style. The cotton leggings were fun and flirty with a tastefully seductive faux-leather inset that ran up and down the length of the out seams. I didn’t want to wear the typical skinny jeans and a peplum top, so the leggings were the perfect substitute because they added a unique touch and dressed up the look more than jeans would. Also, the breathable and light cotton material of the leggings were perfectly suitable for Springtime, while the leather insets increased the sophistication level of what would otherwise be a standard cotton pair of leggings. Another thing to point out about the peplum/legging pairing is that although both pieces were very fitted, the peplum did well to break up the outfit and add a bit of definition- I didn’t want to appear as though I was wearing a body suit!

I finished off a sassy outfit with sassy accessories that were classy and not too attention grabbing, so as not to become a distraction. I wore a necklace that was composed of five chains in a variety of link styles and metallic finishes from rhinestone teardrop accents to a combination of gold and silver. The necklace was embellished with a pave tooth charm at the center- nothing wrong with a little bite! For the earrings, I wore a pair of orange and diamond snakeskin-patterned studs- they added a pop of color that paired well with the bright royal blue top, and the touch of diamond was the perfect accent of glam.

For the shoes, I wore simple nude pair of leather peep-toe pumps. If you haven’t caught onto it yet, more often than not I’m going to wear a nude shoe with everything! Petite girls that are lacking in the height department benefit from a nude shoe because it lengthens the leg through giving the illusion that the leg doesn’t end- a darker shoe will cut off the leg.

Lastly, I paired a vibrant orange clutch with the outfit to tie in the orange of the earrings and because I love blue and orange together. The clutch was a fun little addition that didn’t overwhelm the look, or my date!

A closer look at the Black Scuba Leggings and Royal Blue Peplum Tank. Media provided by Express and Revolve.
A closer look at the Black Scuba Leggings and Royal Blue Peplum Tank. Media provided by Express and Revolve.

Get the Look!

Royal Blue Peplum Tank: Buy this Similar Style from Revolve!

Black Scuba Cotton/Faux-Leather Leggings: Buy them from Express!

Mixed Chain and Pave Tooth Necklace: Buy it from Express!

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Nude Peep Toe Pump: Buy them from Rupert Sanderson!

Bright Orange Leather Clutch: Buy it from Coach!

A closer look at the accessories. Media provided by Kentshire, Express, Rupert Sanderson and Coach.
A closer look at the accessories. Media provided by Kentshire, Express, Rupert Sanderson and Coach.

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