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Outie Belly Button

Updated on February 27, 2012

Are you one of those people who have an outie belly button, or are you a secret 'innie', that is, someone with an innie belly button?

It's funny really, but some people do actually become a little obsessed with their belly buttons, which is strange as they don't really seem to fulfil any specific role. Despite that, however, terms such as 'navel gazing' have entered our vocabulary.

Around 90% of the world has an innie belly button, which means that if you have an 'outie', you are one of the special ones, a little like left handed people I guess. For some reason though, perhaps because it is not deemed important, there does not seem to be any decisive explanations about why some people have an outie belly button whilst the majority have an innie.

There are a few theories, of course, some much more believable than others. The most likely reason for whichever appearance yours has is likely to have been decided at the moment that the umbilical chord was cut, at birth. The umbilical chord is clamped in 2 places and then the chord is cut in between them leaving the remains of the chord to gradually die away. For some unknown reason, whilst most sink into the belly button, some protrude instead.

Some have claimed that it is down to genetics, that an innie or outie is hereditary, however, this theory has largely been disproven, and if you are an outie, you can always ask your parents or grandparents.

It is also highly unlikely that the umbilical chord can be clamped in a specific way to create one or the other; it really does appear to be largely a matter of chance. It is, in theory anyway, possible to have an operation to reverse and outie, but given the risks, this seems highly unnecessary.

example of an outie belly button
example of an outie belly button

One medical theory is that an outie may be the result of a type of hernia in the baby, which causes the belly button to protrude. It is highly unlikely that this is the case though, and so the mystery continues.

So, I apologise but you are probably no closer to knowing the truth, but there is good news if you have an outie belly button; apparently some men (and women) find them a huge turn on... I guess it really does take all sorts to make a world!

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