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Over Painting the Barn, 5 Makeup Flaws

Updated on August 4, 2012
My face
My face | Source

I believe makeup should enhance beauty. Cosmetics should be used to put your best face forward not create a new one.

Beauty is a billion dollar business, from head to toe we are spending millions of dollars and making a variety of people wealthy and popular.

Trouble is many women are making mistakes when it comes to putting their face together. Cosmetics and makeup techniques should also be age appropriate, but many women, young and old are making mistakes even though there are lots of tutorials and simple tricks to the trade.

I hate when i see women overdo their make up! It makes me wonder what they are trying to hide or it makes me think that they look like a drag queen!

Yet, i believe if the barn needs a little paint to make it look better then we need to use it. But i think we should start simply. A woman should choose her best features and play them up. She will need to learn the best methods that enhance rather then cover them up.

The universal idea is that most women can improve upon their eyes, cheeks and lips and that would be more than enough for their everyday look. But the technique, or style is left to that female's choice.

Yet i have noticed when it comes to foundation we are making the same mistakes.

Favorite 5 Flaws

1. Wrong color, too light, this can apply to your concealer as well, going too too light can lead to you looking too pale, dead or unreal, this also creates such a glaring result that detracts from the look one is trying to achieve

2. Wrong color, too dark, this is another glaring result that detracts from the look one is trying to achieve, it is so obvious that it is not the real color of your face that it stands out like a mask as well.

3. Not Blending, streaking, whatever you use on your face should be blended, from your concealer to your powder that is being used to finish off your look. What ever you use to apply your makeup needs to be leveled out, fingers leave ridges as well as sponges but if you do a circular blending motion after dotting, t zoning and smearing especially with a brush you will find that your coverage goes a whole lot better.

Remember to blend outwards. That means most of your concentrated color is blended from the center of your face to your hair line, your ears, your jawline and into your neck and collar bone.

Foundation should be applied lightly and evenly from the face into other areas, so that you don't look like you have on a mask.

4.Too thick, pasty, mask like, too much product, put on in layers, evening out you skin tone

5. Not mixing, foundation colors come in lots more variations than just two years ago but that still doesn't mean that every one is able to get the perfect match out of one bottle, so go ahead and invest in that second bottle and mix your foundations to get your best natural looking shade.

Things to remember

Start with a clean dry, moisturized face.

  • shake the bottle
  • throw out the old
  • avoid oil based
  • natural the better

Experimenting is always a good thing and practice like anything else makes all the difference when it comes to achieving the best look possible.

Finishing your face

Things to avoid

  • drawing on too thick pencil brows in too dark a color, black is extremely harsh
  • too much mascara, thick, clumpy, overdoing the mascara makes eyes look small
  • using night colors for daytime, better to start with day colors and eventually layer on night later on
  • harsh outline of colors on cheeks, which means you didn't blend

Too much paint on the barn leads to cracking, peeling and a look of wear and tear. In other words you look older than you are.

The other thing is too much makeup over a period of time, starts leading to discoloration of the skin on your face. So having no makeup times is a good thing. But if you can't go completely bare reduce the amount of makeup especially foundation, a couple days a week or so.

Doing it right

  • start with a clean face
  • moisturize
  • concealer
  • foundation

T zone

T zone is for highlighting, so use the concealer or lightest shade you can without looking ghostly then blend.

T zone placement

  • down the center of face, nose, upper lip, center of chin, center of forehead and under eyes

How to add the highlights

  • dots - end of finger
  • short stroke - end of finger or sponge

Please remember to blend, with a brush, a sponge or even your fingers. Using a dabbing type of blending method with help , without wiping off the makeup.

Use the lightest shade under the eyes, along with concealer. Highlighting the eye brow / bone is good as well it creates lift, opening up the eyes.

So go ahead and experiment, because this is vital to your overall look if you use foundation.


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