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PRK Eye Surgery

Updated on September 3, 2009

What It Can Do To Correct Your Vision?

Laser eye surgery has been gaining popularity as it has gone through recent developments.

One current and famous method of laser eye surgery is called Photorefractive Keratectomy or PRK for short.

It differs from the more popular method of LASIK eye surgery but both PRK or LASIK are types of refractive eye surgery performed to correct a person’s vision, thus reducing dependency on glasses or contact lenses.

PRK eye surgery is recommended for people suffering from mild to moderate nearsightedness and farsightedness as well as those with astigmatism.

PKR Eye Surgery
PKR Eye Surgery

PRK Laser Eye Surgery

Before undergoing PRK eye surgery, local anesthesia is needed to be given to the patients. Then, the laser beams are focused and pulsed on top of the corneas only. This will happen until the cornea is reshaped.

An eye bandage is then placed on top of the eyes during the healing stage. Patients are also required to regularly have appointments with their surgeons to monitor the progress and effectiveness of the surgery.

Unlike LASIK surgery, the laser used in the surgical session for PRK eye surgery shapes only the top of the cornea rather than the area beneath it.

The advantage is that there are lesser complications to the corneal surface of your eyes. The laser slices the top of the cornea for LASIK surgery. This results to the formation of a hinged flap in the eye. There are times when this flap is completely cut-off during surgery.

There are people who, because of habits, accidentally rub their eyes after the surgery and during the healing process. This can cause immediate or further damages and even more pain for the patient.


One downside of PRK surgery is that you can experience more pain than if you opt for LASIK surgery. Be warned as well that this discomfort can happen for several days following your surgical procedure. You may feel that your eyes are often irritated and become watery.

Patients may also have to wait for the results to occur because it may take a few months to restore perfect or 20/20 vision. There are also reports that some people see halos and of being more sensitive to bright lights or glares.

PRK eye surgery is a major decision and should be dealt with accordingly. If you decide to undergo this procedure to correct your vision, it's highly recommended that you do your research and choose only respectable eye surgeon to perform the surgery for you.


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