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Warm Pajamas For The Whole Family

Updated on March 20, 2011

These days, pajamas have become a form of a fashion statement. Once, pajamas were only a particular type of garment that individuals wore to sleep in when they went to bed at night. However, the use of warm pajamas has been expanded to include lounging around the home on a winter's night or a lazy Saturday morning.

Choose Warm Pajamas For Kids

There is a great range of pajamas available to a purchaser today which is designed to appeal to virtually anyone and everyone. We all had our favorite pj's when we were children and enjoyed being tucked into our beds at night by our parents. Today's children's pajamas are very comfortable, very soft and quite durable, and are now also available with designs to reflect favorite characters from kid's cartoons, television, comic books and movies. Children's pajamas are also typically designed with safety as a foremost consideration.

Kids will spend all day in their pajamas if you let them!
Kids will spend all day in their pajamas if you let them!

Pajamas for children are usually available in flame-retardant types of fabrics. It also important to choose the pj's for children to be snug fitting as this allows for greater safety in the event of a fire. Two-piece pajamas are the most popular form of sleepwear for children, but nightgowns and sleep shirts, as well as warm footy pajamas are also quite popular.

There's nothing better than a lazy day lounging in women's pajamas.
There's nothing better than a lazy day lounging in women's pajamas.

Women's Pajamas Are Great For Lounging!

Pajamas are generally associated with children, but adults love pajamas as well. Adults benefit from a bewildering selection of options in pajamas today. Sleepwear for women offers the greatest range of variety since women like to own many different types of pajamas to suit their preferences. There are many women who love to sleep in silk or satin camisoles and chemise sets; however, these items are often primarily for use when spending special time with a loved one.

The types of pajamas that are most popular with women are generally for comfort and sleeping. These include women's pajama sets as well as tank and short sets, night shirts and varying lengths of sleepwear gowns. The variety available is enormous when you consider the various fabric options such as satin, silk, silk-substitutes, cotton and the very popular flannel.

Style choices in men's pajamas have increased in recent years.
Style choices in men's pajamas have increased in recent years.

Men's Pajamas - So Many New Choices!

The options available to men in their pajamas are an entire world apart from the typical 1970s pajamas with wide stripes. These days, men seem to prefer flannel pajamas or silk pajamas in two piece sets; they also enjoy varying patterns and colors. Some men prefer to sleep in a pair of pajama bottoms or boxer shorts and a cotton t-shirt, while other men prefer a long nightshirt or nothing at all.

Sleepwear sets for children, as well as gift sets of adult pajamas for men and women, can include housecoats or bathrobes to match the fabric, style and color of the pajamas. Many people find that to add coziness and warmth, thick socks or slippers can be worn around the house for day-to-day use. There are so many options available in sleepwear that it is certain that you can find something that suit your needs, no matter how particular or how specialized that may be.

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