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Pandora Charm Bracelet Alternatives

Updated on January 13, 2015

The Pandora charm bracelet is a very fashionable piece of jewelry which is worn by many people around the world.

Just like every other brands there is always a similar brand or alternative which may be cheaper or better. Many people have their personal preferences, but in this article we have a look at a few alternatives to the Pandora charm bracelet.


Chamilia has a wide range of charm bracelets and beads with quite a different range and style to Pandora. Chamila offers Disney branded charms for people who like to customise their bracelet with their favorite Disney characters. Another great option you have with Chamilia, it the choice of charms made with Swarovski elements.

The Camilia Birthstone bead product range is very popular and offers a different look to the Pandora charms available. More information and photos can be found their website, which is

Carlo Biagi

Carlo Biagi Jewlry is another great alternative for the Pandora charm bracelet. Carlo Biagi jewelry is designed and made in Italy, where they focus on quality and design. Carlo Biagi has a great collection of charm bracelets including their "KIDZ" branded version exclusively made for children. This is a product which currently isn't offered by Chamilia or Pandora.

The Carlo Biagi jewelry line is definitely worth considering because they have some real, authentic styles and designs. More can be found on their website, which is On the home page you can select the product range which suits your tastes.

Cheap Imitations

Just like in any other industry or product market, there are always cheap imitations floating around. The prices are always cheaper than the original product, but the quality will never be as good. These are often found online or at small shops rather than jewelers. This is where the consumer needs to decide whether they prefer price over quality or vice versa.

Quality Handmade Jewelry

Quality handmade jewelry can be found on many online stores including, which is well well-known around the world. I personally like to consider all options available and gives me that freedom.

There is a good variety of Pandora charm bracelet alternatives, some offer different styles and designs, whereas others vary in price. The type of bracelet and charms worn is always a decision that needs to be made by the customer depending on their personal preference and opinion.


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