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Panniculectomy Surgery

Updated on May 8, 2011

Abdominal Apron Removal Surgery Explained

Panneculectomy is quite simply the surgical removal of the overhanging flap of stomach, known also by the names "abdominal apron", "mother's apron" and abdominal pannus, that many individuals suffer from. After extreme weight loss, either following child-birth, hence the expression "mother's apron", or after bariatric surgery, many individual find themselves with this problem, and unfortunately it is one that no amount of exercise or dietary regime can solve.

An overhanging pannus is generally something most sufferers will feel uncomfortable about, and it will generally limit their choice of clothes, particularly in summer. But as well as the unattractive appearance caused by the abdominal pannus, the area will generally become prone to infections, due to the difficulty of maintaining hygiene in this area.

In these instances, the only realistic solution, other to live with the condition, is to opt for surgical treatment.

Because Panniculectomy surgery does have some medical benefits, in that the procedure can help to reduce the infections and hygiene problems caused by the overhanging pannus, it is not regarded as a cosmetic procedure in the classical sense.

Nonetheless, many of the people opting for this kind of surgical treatment will be motivated at least in part by the improvement in self-image that panneculectomy surgery will give them. For this reason, it is typically grouped with other cosmetic procedures, and is quite often performed alongside tummy tuck surgery.

The Panneculectomy procedure is therefore frequently confused with the tummy tuck procedure. However, it is important to understand that the two are quite separate treatments. Panneculectomy surgery does not in any way involve the tightening of the musculature around the abdomen, nor does it flatten the stomach, although the two procedures can be combined.

Removal of the Abdominal Pannus will most likely be performed with the patient under general anesthetic. Then the surgeon will generally make two incisions, one vertically from the breast bone to the pubic bone, and a second horizontally across the pubic area. From here the surgeon will remove excess skin and fat, before stitching the area back together.

It is not so easy to find a specialist in Panneculectomy surgery as it is one in Abdominoplasty, so the prospective patient should take extra-special care to make sure that their surgeon is an experienced and qualified expert in this specific field.

Although there are some surgeons who are prepared to combine bariatric surgery with panneculectomy surgery, this is very much to be avoided. Combining these two procedures can be extremely dangerous, and in actual fact, if the patient has had bariatric surgery of any kind, the wisest option is to wait for at least a year before proceding with getting a Panneculectomy.

Recovery after Panneculectomy will not be a walk in the park, either, and you should expect substantial discomfort, and for your day-to-day activities to be extremely restricted for some time after the surgery. Because of the level of incisions, you must expect that there will be inevitably noticeable scarring.

Nonetheless, Panneculectomy surgery patients do invariably find that they are happy that they had the procedure performed.

As far as costs go, you should expect to pay $8,000 + in the US for this kind of surgery, and more if it is to be combined with Tummy Tuck surgery or any other procedures.

The costs for Panneculectomy can be reduced by travelling abroad for treatment, and there are many patients who have made significant savings by doing just this. Some countries will only charge a quarter of what a US clinic would for an identical treatment. However, if you are considering this as an option, it is critical that you research the clinic with even more diligence than you would normally, as your health is far more important than money.


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    • profile image 2 years ago

      If you live in fla yu cant have excess flab on yur body it is to hot

    • profile image

      Chris Hugh 5 years ago

      Interesting hub. Sometimes insurance will cover this surgery, if the pannus is causing health problems. 'Something to look into!