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Trouser Racks - Wooden Trousers Rack Trolley Hangers & Holders

Updated on February 24, 2012

TrouserĀ racks are a stylish solution to all your pants storage requirements. Whether for formal trousers or causal slacks, they provide an elegant way to organize closet space more effectively, freeing up space when it is needed and giving you a dedicated pant rack inside or out of your clothes wardrobe close.

They can be used to serve a variety of purposes which will depend upon their style and how you yourself choose to use them. For example, rolling trouser trolley racks are convenient as a freestanding standalone pant rack for outside of you closet, movable when you need it to be, or it can be used as a permanent fixture at the base of a clothes cupboard utilising the vertical space more effectively and freeing up the closet clothing rail for your other garments.

Alternatively, you can find sliding trouser racks which allow you to hang long trousers on individual rods and pull out the whole unit on something akin to a gliding drawer runner to browse through your selection of slacks more easily. Or, you might like to look at multiple tiered trouser hangers to hang up multiple pairs of pants on a single hanger, or check out an over the door trouser hanger to turn any door into a mobile movable hanging area which is great for keeping pants crease free when ironing before transfer to a more permanent hanging space or as a permanent solution itself.

Slacks and pants racks offer greater convenience than a typical clothes hanger dangling from a wooden wardrobe closet pole does. They are a great closet organizer, help keep trousers wrinkle free longer and generally, clear closet space. People who buy them wonder what they did before owning them and they make a great gift too for the man in your life.

Wooden Rolling Trouser Trolleys

This versatile piece of bedroom clothing storage rack organizer is a highly useful alternative to traditionalĀ trouser hangers. A rolling trouser trolley is a fantastic way to declutter a closet, better organize pants and slacks and generally makes it easier to find them too. Rolling trouser trolley racks can be used to either fit in the bottom of a closet so you waste less of the verticle space which would otherwise be poorly utilized or can be placed elsewhere in a bedroom (or wherever) to give you a free standing portable wordrobe rack for your suit trousers, casual or formal pants. These rollable clothing racks are found as decorative wooden pant racks or in a typically less expensive metal pant closet storage solution.

Multi-Tiered Trouser Hangers For Pants

The quick and simple solution to saving space in a closet when you have multiple pairs of trousers is to pick up a couple of tiered pant hangers. These allow you to hang several trousers on one hanger turning horizontal storage into vertical storage instead, adding lots more room along your wardrobe rail bar. You can find these slacks hangers in varying styles including chrome and velvet pants hangers.

Pull Out Trouser Rack Holders For Closets

These closet mounted gliding trouser racks fit inside your closet or wardrobe to give you easy access to your pants eliminating the need for clothes hangers and providing easier, more convenient access to your neatly pressed trousers. Retractable sliding pant racks sit on slides like drawer runners so you can easily slide out all the trousers at once, easily browse through them and after selecting the one you want, just slide it back in again, all neat and tidy. Pull out pant hanging racks typically space out the trousers evenly on individual hanging rails to eliminate the need to feed them onto a hanger and keep them neatly pressed and clean without cramping and bunching.

Over The Door Pant Rack Organizers

These convenient over door style of hangingĀ trousers organizers are ideal for long term storage when you are lacking in closet space, especially when combined with a plastic clothing bag for protection from dust and other household debris. These will fit behind a bedroom door and keep a number of pants pressed and clean until you are ready to use them. Portable over the door trousers racks and organizer hangers are also good for storage while ironing pants or pressing numerous pairs in a trouser press or to hold pants after doing your laundry before you put them away for more permanent storage. Beats fighting with several hangers or running back and forth to your wardrobe to hang them up to prevent creasing.

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