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Papaya Soap and The Truth About Its Skin Lightening and Nourishing Benefits

Updated on December 29, 2014

Papaya Soap for Skin Lightening

A morena woman showing her papaya soap.
A morena woman showing her papaya soap. | Source

Papaya Soap and Other Skin Lightening Ingredients

It is better if your papaya soap is home-made, but if it is manufactured, make sure it does not have synthetic chemicals which are bad for your skin. To make the soap more powerful and effective, aside from papaya exctract, manufacturers also add other whitening agents like alpha arbutin, kojic acid, mulberry extract, glutathione, and calamnsi juice. Papaya soap has a pleasing bright orange color with a fragrant, fruity scent.

The Benefits of Papaya Soap for Your Skin

One of the benefits of papaya soap for your skin is it gives your skin a healthy glow. The beta carotene and vitamins A and C in papaya are very nourishing for the skin. That's why it is also good for people who have acne scars, hyperpigmentation, and blemishes. Papaya is very rich in an enzyme called papain, which is responsible for helping your skin buff away those dead, dry and ugly skin cells more quickly, promoting the growth of brighter, glowing skin. Helping your skin to renew itself quickly, papaya soap helps fade acne scars, heals blemishes, and lighten skin.

A woman who has fair skin.
A woman who has fair skin. | Source

The Truth About Using Papaya Soap for Skin Whitening

Clinical trials do not verify that papaya soap really whitens skin, but anecdotal evidence shows that continued use of papaya soap can cause mild skin whitening over time. Papain in papaya soap does not whiten skin chemically as what alpha arbutin and hydroquinone skin bleaching creams do, but regular exfoliation with the help of papaya soap may reveal lighter, glowing layers of skin underneath.

One of the best papaya soaps in the market today is RDL Papaya Soap. It already has sunscreen and is infused with vitamins A, C, and E.

A man who has a lot of pimples on his right cheek.
A man who has a lot of pimples on his right cheek. | Source

Papaya Soap is Also Good for Preventing Pimples and Skin Blemishes

According to Barbara Simonsohn, the author of the book "Healing Power of Papaya," one of the best natural effective acne prevention is by using a good quality papaya soap. Excess oil and dead skin cells make your skin pores clogged, which can cause pimples and skin blemishes. Regular mild exfoliation with the help of papaya soap, the accumulation of dead skin cells and excess sebum inside hair follicles will be prevented or eliminated.

Patience is a Virtue

Bear in mind that papaya soap does not whiten or lighten skin instantly. It might take a few weeks to a few weeks, depending on your skin type and color, to see satisfactory results. Thus, you have to be patient. Please be informed as well that the skin lightening effects of papaya soap might not be permanent. Your skin may slowly darkens as soon as you stop using papaya soap. Permanent usage of papaya soap will surely make your skin remains to be lighter and glowing. Make sure though that you always wear a PA + sunblock or sunscreen, at least with SPF 30, to protect your skin from the harmful UVA and UVB rays of the sun.

Non-comedogenic moisturizer is also a must

The exfoliating effects of using papaya whitening soap could make your skin a bit dry; so, a good, non-comedogenic moisturizer, like the CeraVe Moisturizing Lotion, is also a must. Older people need to be extra careful, as their skin has much less moisture and elasticity compare to younger ones. If you are looking for a rejuvenating facial cleanser, organic papaya lightening soap is also a good choice. The power of mild exfoliation that papaya soap brings to your skin allows your pores to breath.

How to make Handmade Papaya Soap - DIY

D.I.Y Cucumber & Papaya Soap For Softer Brighter Skin

Have you already tried any papaya soap? Share your experience.

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      mary jane 2 years ago

      Well have not tried any other kind of papaya soap apart from silka papaya and for the few weeks have used it there have been tremendous improvement