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Paris Hilton Perfumes: Flop or Not?

Updated on February 20, 2012

Paris Hilton will launch her ninth perfume this fall. One look at the notes (generic florals), the name (Siren), and the packaging (Paris Hilton dressed up as a blonde mermaid), and you might dismiss this perfume altogether without even so much as a sniff. So you may have laughed when you heard Paris Hilton sing. You may have snickered when you saw Paris Hilton act. But what's the typical response to smelling a Paris Hilton perfume? Go ahead take your first sniff of a Paris Hilton perfume. As you gear up to enjoy a possible marketing joke of massive Hollywood proportions, you might be surprised that not even a giggle comes to surface. In fact, when writing reviews on Paris Hilton perfumes, most perfume critics and perfume reviewers cannot complete a copy without mentioning the word 'surprise'.

The Surprise

So what exactly is surprising about Paris Hilton perfumes? Well, for starters, they really aren't that bad. While many expect a major fragrant fail from this dabbling socialite, the Paris Hilton perfumes can hold their own in the sea of youth-friendly perfumes. Among the fare of trendy, modern fragrances, the Paris Hilton perfume lineup sits quite confidently and comfortably.

You'd also be surprised to learn that Paris Hilton has even earned a FiFi Award, which of course is only the most honorable award in perfumery… Ok, ok. So while these perfume awards aren't necessarily a gauge of the quality or ingenuity of a fragrance, they are often good indicators of the popularity and market success of a fragrance. And it seems that the line of Paris Hilton perfumes has been bringing in a lot of dough for Parlux, the fragrance company behind the leading lady. So entirely pleased with the popularity of Paris Hilton perfumes, Parlux has proudly announced a renewal of their contract with Paris Hilton.

The Perfumes

The Paris Hilton fragrance line debuted in 2004 with an eponymous perfume that resembles the fresh and fruity smells found in shampoos and other hair products. The perfume Paris Hilton  offers a touch of apple, a hint of freesia, and the overall effect is clean, crisp and sweet. The other immensely popular perfume from this line is Cancan, another sweet gourmand. But Cancan, unlike Paris Hilton, leans towards warmer notes—like cotton candy, burnt sugar, vanilla and amber. Heiress, the third most popular fragrance from this line, is another clean and fruity scent with hints of sugary pink bubblegum.

The colognes from Paris Hilton's perfume line are not immune to the youthful sugar craze. Paris Hilton for Men is a sweet fragrance filled with melon notes and light cucumber notes, while Just Me and Heir are aquatic colognes that are simple, but sweet.

The Verdict

If you want an artistic, ground-breaking fragrance, this is not the right perfume line. If you want a simple fragrance that is modern and affordable, Paris Hilton perfumes are definitely worth it. Beyond the face that represents these perfumes, the Paris Hilton fragrances hold some relevance in the current fragrant market needs. They are scents that young people enjoy and they are available at prices that young people can afford. Often, when hearing the name of this blonde socialite, we immediately scoff with sarcasm. But beyond the superficial layers (often ridiculously laughable superficial layers), the Paris Hilton perfumes boast something of substance, albeit it in modest amounts.


The Paris Hilton perfumes can be found at even bigger bargains on discount perfume retailers.

Yay or Nay: Paris Perfumes

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    • profile image

      Bob Faron {GuitarFiend} Dudley 6 years ago

      Paris for men is absolutely fantastic ! I ABSOLUTELY LOVE it ! And,personally,I don't care WHAT people say....I like Ms.Hilton.I even like her personality.She's bubbly.I like that.And,hell,I'm 48 ! I even liked her in the movies that I've seen her in.I think she did a perfectly fine acting job.Paris Hilton IS an AGELESS BEAUTY.People are just jealous of her because she gets to do what she wants in life.Hell,I'm not jealous of her & I'm basically a poor man ! And,if I were MARRIED to this woman I'd give her anything she wanted anyway because she IS such an AGELESS BEAUTY.Everybody needs to get their heads outta their ass_s & GET ON WITH THEIR OWN LIFE ! And,LET THIS WOMAN LIVE HERS.As we ALL should be able to do.And,Lady "P" far as the cocaine bust goes...THAT'S WHAT I'M TALKING ABOUT ! LIVE YOU'RE OWN LIFE ! Don't let ANYONE tell you how to live.It's your life & it's YOU'RE body ! Anybody remember Roe Vs. Wade ??? Same d_ mn principle applies here... KEEP YOUR LAWS OFF OF MY BODY !!! It's MY body not yours.And,if I feel like snortin' a line of coke or dropping a nice bit of,well,{you know people} or eating some nasty ol' mushrooms,well,WHAT'S THAT TO YOU ??? As long as I don't hurt anybody in the process... I'TS MY BODY !! So,Paris...ROCK ON GIRL !!!And,if by any chance you happen ta dig older men at all {I'm there dudette}AND you need a fall guy...look me up girl ! Heh,heh.Hell,I'd take the fall for you !! Hell,I'd give my left [testicle] for you !! Heh,heh.Love ya girl ! Again...ROCK ON !!

      Yer MOST dedicated fan ! {Heh,heh}

      {Gratefully,Deadicated Dudley}

    • profile image

      luana 7 years ago

      i got sirens and got lots of compliments from men lol

    • perfumelover profile image

      perfumelover 8 years ago

      I'm sure she loves you too, as she loves all her fans, since that's what keeps her going. ;)

    • profile image

      Celebs 8 years ago

      I love Paris..