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Pashmina - Different Ways to Wear it

Updated on April 21, 2011

Pashmina is the softest and finest wool among all the other elegant wool, which can be worn in several different styles. Several factors decide the wearing style of Pashmina, like climate, height and the way you want to present yourself among the people with Pashmina. If you are looking for different ways to wear Pashmina, you can have a look at the following styles.

Full Shawl Wrap

Wrap up the full Pashmina shawl around your shoulders. You can also tie a knot in front of you, which is optional. This style provides you the required warmth along with a fashionable look.

Belt Style or Sarong Style

This style is best for the people having insecurity about their hips. This style needs you to wrap up Pashmina around the waist and then drape it nicely.

Head Scarf Style

This style gives you an exotic eastern look. Place the shawl over the head to completely cover your hair. Now, tightly pull down the free ends under your chin. Cross the two sides of the shawl over and then stretch the two ends around the back of your neck. Finally, tie the two ends together in a front knot or side knot.

Hollywood Style

This style requires two shawls of completely different colors. Intertwine the two shawls together and then wrap them around your neck. This is the most favorite style among all the Pashmina wearing Hollywood celebrities.

Stole Style

This style is called so because you drape the Pashmina in the same way you use to wear the stoles. Drape the shawl slackly over your upper arms and let the ends hang down freely from your underarms.

Noose wrap

In the noose wrap, fold the shawl in two halves along its length so that the folded edge is in front of you. Once again, fold the Pashmina in two halves along the width so that you get a folded end and an open end. Now, place the shawl behind the head and pull out the open end from the folded end through its loop in order to tie a knot.

Besides the aforementioned styles of wearing Pashmina, you can also follow several other not-so-common styles, like French twist, silk scarf and Grace Kelly.


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