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Working on the body........

Updated on January 11, 2015

Baby Boomers sitting Still.....


Beauty is daily

Beauty is something that many of us work on daily as the aging has begun and at times we need more than just a Little bit of help we need a lot of HELP .Beauty is both inside and out but knowing what to use or do daily takes a lot testing to make use that you have what you need for you.When to my readers it is important you know what I am currently trying to what I have tried in the past. Remember theses are my trails from products that I have received from the manufacturers. So to help you and others out I have chosen from my articles some of the items that have been reviewed by me and to let you know just how good I am at making the selections for those of us who are “Baby Boomers” who have seen the light and are making the steps at keeping our bodies in tuned with the focus that try to sit down and keep us down as we show other how real aging is done. No one told you when we were younger that it would take more and more to maintain the body with aging. Many times we saw our parents or other love ones just seem to complain we understood at that time but now we know better. They did not have the products like we have now to try to help or the gyms, fashion, lifestyle mainly that we have to keep us going. In retirement it was sentence to go home sit by the window and entertain the idea of doing nothing until nothing was all we could do.

The below products are some new friends that have in many cases been added to the list of things that worked for me.

Review on Caltrate Gummy Bears

As I grow more mature I find out just how many things I don’t like the taste of when I must take them. Caltrate has hit a home run on this one. These Caltrate Gummy Bears are the key to reminding me to take them because all I do is to pop them into my mouth chew and swallow. Now that is easy, fast and not that expensive. Usually I can get around 100 of them for around $15.00 dollars on Amazon. Once a day, not a big pill which I find hard to swallow but soft with the calcium and vitamins D2 inside.

Usually my son and daughter-in-law place these on Amazon monthly reorder for me.

Cassani Fogless Shower Mirror

Next in my collection is Cassani Fogless Shower Mirror.

Cassani Fogless Shower Mirror was one of the product first reviews by me. Cassani Mirror is get for small job once you get out of the show and are waiting to dry off. The mirror I received did not fog up while I showed so that was the first plus for me I could find it. Cassini mirror is good for close up like doing your eyebrows, around the mouth and eyes. Would not recommend for any other personal for the body. Cassini mirror comes with a brace to hold it on the wall and it removable to apply again to another surface.

Vitamin C Serum-Anti-Wrinkling

Valentia Serum was the product that sold me on Vitamin C Serum once applied the life that returned to me face was remarkable. Thinking that I had the right antioxidant treatment for my face I found out that I did not have what I need. My face need more than what I had been giving it and this show in one treatment to me. So with that this is my number one Valentia Glow Serum. Those find lines around the mouth and eyes got filled in for me and my skin felt moveable again, when you are not getting what is needed from store bought products you must go to a higher quality product to get these results.

Valentia C Serum does give the glow and some of dark spots are now lighter leaving the skin smoother.

The texture of this product is one of the best the serum in smooth, refreshing and does not give the sticky feeling. It be be a little costly for some but the benefits to the skin in wonderful. A little secret with this product, place a few drops on your hands and see the difference with them after a few times. Yes it helps on the hands as well. I try to think a little different about that area on the body could use some help as well.

As with any product I review the company will give you a satisfaction guarantee or your money is 100% given back to you the consumer.

Another product that I had the pleasure of reviewing was FarFaria for children. This collection of books was make for children between the ages of 2-9. This is an app that has access to over 800 books and with 4-5 books added each week to the series. FarFaria has a great ides to involve both the child in this reading series is is a great find of $4.99 per month.

Within stages of life we all begin to notice what is important and not important in our lives. We lose love ones and began on the journey of re doing things and building this part of life stronger.

Blogging is about exploring products,ideas,events and all around loving this life. We not longer let age win and take over we stop it in its' tracks and move forward with more life than before in our lives as we age but take life, enjoy, or weakness and strengths move forward, work out the kinks, keep it moving forward. Say to yourself that life happen and you are some what bent but not broken. So going places, meeting new friends. Enjoy!


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