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Patchwork Jeans | Fall's True Religion Denim

Updated on April 12, 2011
True Religion Patchwork Jeans
True Religion Patchwork Jeans

Yet another trend joins this fall's myriad of trends. As far as I can tell, this is going to be the trendiest season in all the seasons of all time. So far trends include boxy bags, new minimalism, fake fur, shearling (real fur), almost anything from the 70's, mixed media creations, wedge heels - the list goes on and on and on and eventually curls back on itself in a Escher-like convergence that we may observe, but never entirely understand.

Patchwork jeans were big in the 60's - and they became big again when style icons like Cameron Diaz, Nicole Richie and Ashlee Simpson all stepped out in True Religion patchwork denim jeans. 

This is a trend most women will probably be able to get behind in one form or another, unlike the mixed media fur accessories that make one rather look as if one has spent the morning clubbing small animals in a quarry, patchwork jeans are eminently accessible and available at pretty much any stage of the price spectrum.

The bulk of patchwork jeans this fall are coming in the skinny cut, much like the moto denim jeans that I mentioned in a previous article. (Moto jeans are eminently more interesting, I believe, mostly because they're not simply another trend being recycled because it can be, and because they suggest high octane danger - which is the only way I like my danger.)

I suppose the reason for the skinny cut is not only that skinny cuts are in right now, but by presenting the trend in a skinny cut, they're updating it for a new generation of rebellious young teenagers who have a war to protest about and staid parents to enrage with inappropriate music. Skinny cuts also eliminate the older generation from the potential pool of wearers, or at least, those of the older generation who wouldn't wear skinny jeans if you paid them.

It would be nice if they came in wide cut legs, that way they'd create kind of a boyish - androgynous appearance that's always appealing, not to mention a little bit hobo. I like hobo, it's bohemian and free, it's more at home riding rail carriages than tottering around on high heels hoping the boy in the muscle shirt notices you.

Of course, with trends like these, one should not be afraid to customize one's own clothing. If you want a pair of store bought patchwork jeans, go for it, but if the styles in store don't appeal to you, anyone with a needle, a thread and a little bit of initiative can patchwork the heck out of their jeans, and with the economy in the state it's in, the patchwork trend may very well help a few stylish ladies on a budget get another season's wear out of failing jeans.

Hurrah for patchwork jeans! Hurrah for the life of a bear!


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