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Patek Philippe Complications Men's High-End Watches Review

Updated on January 6, 2015


The majority of Patek Philippe Complication and Grand Complication watches comprise a separate collection. Patek Philippe differ from most Swiss watchmakers in creating a dedicated “complications department” – an administrative step that nonetheless reflects the company's philosophy. In this department, each timepiece becomes a collection in itself, a unique embodiment of the labor of several watchmakers.

This unusual approach leads, among other things, to a seemingly unlimited variety of visual designs: each watch was given its own special character, according to the needs of the caliber and the complications included. In a way, this is what every complicated watch would ideally “love.”

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Numerous Complications

Men's Complicated collection includes many complications, some of which are unique to Patek Philippe. This is only a partial list: chronograph (split seconds), world time (24 time zones), dual time, annual calendar, moon phases, minute repeater, tourbillon, mean time, retrograde date hand, and perpetual calendar.

According to mentioned variety principle, the same complication can appear in an aperture or a subdial version in different watches. The minute repeater is activated by a sliding piece on the side on the case, an original engineering solution. A close look at the specifications reveals that the numbers of complications and of mechanism parts are in direct proportion; the most complicated timepieces conceal over six hundred parts.

In The Metal!

In terms of dial style and design, Patek Philippe will invent a new one when needed, or use such familiar designs as Breguet when not. Overall, the watchmaker avoids any self-imposed limitations.

Complicated and Grand Complication watches appear in various shapes (round, rectangular, tounneau), in various colors (white, black, blue, brown) and in various precious metals (white, rose gold, platinum). Most of the complicated watches have long become a household brand, to which Patek Philippe only occasionally add another model – usually the same watch encased in a different kind of gold.

It must be said, however, that no words can give justice to these creations. We would strongly recommend browsing the official website, or, even better, examine the watches “in the metal.”


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