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Patek Philippe Gondolo Ladies Fashion Watches Review

Updated on January 12, 2015

Gondolo Ladies: Gemma and Serata

Patek Phillipe Gondolo Ladies, a jewelry collection designed in high fashion, includes two lines: Gondolo Serata and Gondolo Gemma. Basic rectangular shape determines the appearance of both; the shape transformation creates unusual, characteristic cases.

Arguably, the most salient trait in Gondolo Ladies is the spirit of change and freedom of form, qualities one doesn't exactly expect to encounter in the highly traditionalist Patek Philippe. Like other jewelry and ladies line, both  Serata and Gemma arrive with a quartz movement.

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Serata Style

Gondolo Serata presents an elaborate and irregular bezel, with cambered ribs and integrated lugs. This case exhibits an overflowing, intricate design that generates a sense of mystique. The white-gold bezel and the buckle of the strap were set with diamonds, while the dial was made of a mother-of-pearl plate, decorated with a guilloche reminiscent of the sunburst motif. Only two oversized Arabic numerals, marking 6 and 12 hours, adorn the face – their presence appears to be more optional than mandatory, which emphasizes their aesthetic value. Black, leaf-shaped hands add several slender curves that nicely offset the surrounding angles.

Gemma Style. Competition.

Gondolo Gemma, while exhibiting a less radical design at the first glance, surprises just the same. The tounneau shape that appears familiar, was, in fact, turned by 90 degrees, to create a flattened rectangle – an unstable one, yet also tempting, and even sweet. Made of white gold, Gemma incorporates diamonds both on the bezels and on the dials, paving the face with hundreds of small stones. Another variation of the sunburst motif finds its way to the dial, but this time in the form of indices. Gondolo Gemma is also available in a hand-wound mechanical model.

What distinguishes Patek Philippe Gondolo Ladies from other high end feminine collections – for instance, Audemars Piguet Deva, Blancpain Jewelry or Vacheron Constantin Egerie, is the crisp definition of femininity. While many Patek Philippe men's watches manifest unisex qualities, the ladies collection focuses on accentuating feminine traits. Such clear-cut distinction makes Gondolo Ladies one of the most powerful and effective collections of this Swiss watchmaker – and possibly of all Swiss watchmakers.


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