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Patek Philippe Twenty~4 Ladies Jewelry Watches Review

Updated on January 12, 2015

Twenty~4 Ladies

Patek Philippe Twenty~4 Ladies is a universal collection that employs precious metal, diamonds and style to achieve refined levels of elegance. A highly evolved collection, Twenty~4 offers watches that fit into three related categories: high fashion, high jewelry, and dress. All watches feature a small, traditionally rectangular case, and a certain number of diamonds – from several dozens to several hundreds.

In order to reduce the size of Twenty~4 timepieces, Patek Philippe equipped them with a quartz movement. The small size (25x30 mm) conveniently blurs the line between the task of timekeeping and that of being a jewelry piece. While some of the variations become jewelry that also keeps time, others manage to effectively balance the two functions.

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Piece and Harmony

There are several stylistic features that recur in most Twenty~4 Ladies models. First, the collection resorts only to two Roman numerals, XII and VI. The straight linear symbols accentuate the watches' elegance, and keep things maximally simple on the dials; the rest of the hours and minutes are marked by indices, or left unmarked altogether. Second, the watches include only hour and minutes hands, baton-shaped, identical in appearance and differing only in size. Third, the crown is set with a diamond or an onyx. Finally, the bracelets are made out of simple rectangular links that echo the shape of the case and harmoniously complete the timepiece.

High Jewelry

High-jewelry Twenty~4 Ladies watches are completely paved with diamonds: no part is left untouched. Diamonds cover the bezel, the lugs, the bracelet... only the black hands are kept as is – any other color would hamper time reading.

These high-jewelry models shock more than they surprise. (Surprise is reserved for the high-fashion watches, which incorporate diamonds in a more discerning, and artistic manner.) The stones have been set to create various patterns, linear, angular, or curving and circular, which interact on the golden platform of the dial, the case, and the bracelet. One Twenty~4 Ladies version enjoys the best of both high-fashion and high-jewelry: it's completely paved, yet the diamonds have been set in a random pattern.


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