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Paul Mitchell Shampoo: 3 Decades Of High Quality Salon Hair Care

Updated on March 20, 2011

Paul Mitchell Shampoo Is The Largest Beauty Company In The World

Almost three decades ago two friends established the John Paul Mitchell Systems company to bring to professional hairdressers the finest in hair care products, including Paul Mitchell shampoo. After all these years, the company that today produces Paul Mitchell shampoo is the largest privately held beauty corporation on Earth. The line of Paul Mitchell shampoo is truly wide-ranging and includes almost every product anyone would ever want to care for a beautiful head of hair:

Paul Mitchell Shampoo Offers An Unparalleled Product Line

  • Paul Mitchell Awapuhi Shampoo
  • Paul Mitchell Baby Don't Cry Shampoo
  • Paul Mitchell Botanical Hydrating Shampoo

Paul Mitchell's very special Color Protect line
Paul Mitchell's very special Color Protect line
  • Paul Mitchell Botanical Prep Shampoo
  • Paul Mitchell Color Protect Daily Shampoo
  • Paul Mitchell Color Protect Post Color Shampoo
  • Paul Mitchell Extra-Body Daily Shampoo
  • Paul Mitchell Instant Moisture Daily Shampoo
  • Paul Mitchell Shampoo One
  • Paul Mitchell Shampoo Three
  • Paul Mitchell Shampoo Two
  • Paul Mitchell Super Skinny Daily Shampoo
  • Paul Mitchell Super Strong Shampoo
  • Paul Mitchell Tea Tree Lemon Sage Shampoo
  • Paul Mitchell Tea Tree Special Shampoo
  • Paul Mitchell The Wash

... and many more!

Paul Mitchell Shampoo and associated products are extremely high salon level quality formulations which have been developed over years of research. Paul Mitchell The Cream, for example, not only is proven to enhance body and increase the shine of the hair, it also contains an elevated SPF of sunscreen to provide additional protection for the hair.

The Paul Mitchell Color Protect line helps prevent hair damage by adding not only sunscreen but panthenol to reinforce the shaft.

Paul Mitchell's Super Skinny Serum helps to reduce the time it takes to blow dry and styling time through a formulation that penetrates deep into the shaft to displaces water in order to constrict. The Super Skinny Serum also contains lightweight silicones which act to condition, smooth and seal the shaft while adding shine.

Paul Mitchell also delves into the natural hair products arena with the Paul Mitchell Lemon Sage Thickening Conditioner which combines organic sourced extracts of sage, peppermint, lemon, and tea tree to provide thickness, strengthening, and an appealing herbs and citrus scent.

Paul Mitchell loves to be in his own ads!
Paul Mitchell loves to be in his own ads!

Paul Mitchell Shampoo Does Not Make Unverified Clinical Medical Claims

Paul Mitchell makes no claims that his products act as hair loss treatments, hair loss shampoo, or any other form of hair growth product such as is claimed for Nizoral shampoo which firmly falls into the arena of hair growth products. The Paul Mitchell shampoo products are not even organic shampoo, but that does not prevent them from being very popular around the world.

There are many different types of Paul Mitchell hair shampoo to suit every possible hair type and style. Hair conscious consumers can choose from the numeric John Paul Mitchell shampoo types such as the Paul Mitchell shampoo one, Paul Mitchell shampoo two, and Paul Mitchell shampoo three (often simply referred to as Paul Mitchell shampoo 3). However, there are many special shampoos that you can select when you go to buy Paul Mitchell shampoo, such as the Paul Mitchell Awapuhi shampoo, the Paul Mitchell Tea Tree Special shampoo, and the various types of Paul Mitchell color shampoo. Your canine best friend will also be happy to learn that there is a line of Paul Mitchell dog shampoo!

Paul Mitchell offers a wide variety of hair care products.
Paul Mitchell offers a wide variety of hair care products.

The Paul Mitchell Shampoo Line Is The Salon Standard

 Paul Mitchell shampoo and other related products have become the salon standards around the world. You can join the millions of satisfied customers all over the planet who have benefited from this outstanding line of hair care products.

A Paul Mitchell Shampoo Commercial

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