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Paul Smith Clothing and Shoes

Updated on March 13, 2014

Paul Smith is one of Britain's greatest exports and his eye for design is legendary. He has built his business up from the ground and it is now one of the most recognisable brands in the world.

His iconic stripes can be seen all the from L.A to Japan and where ever he opens a store the excitement around it is massive. He is also well known for his great choice of building to house his shops in, each one is of unique design and they are all fitted out to suit the surroundings or at least to challenge them.

Paul Smith is truly a vanguard of the northern modernist movement from the early 80's, a movement that gave London more style than it is keen to let on about.

Paul Smith changed the face of British fashion and he made well constructed good looking functional clothing excepted. His use of block colours changed the way people thought about colour pallets and he made the high street a lot brighter place to be.

His love of bikes and fixed wheel racing so well ahead of its time and he has bought small specialised companies like Rapha to public attention, it is has to over estimate the amount of influence Paul Smith has had on British culture and it is sure reverberate down through this century as well as it did down the last.

The Classic Paul Smith Mini
The Classic Paul Smith Mini

His early years.

Paul Smith is a Nottingham native and his early years were spent there learning his trade in tailoring and before that enjoying his time cycling. He open up his first shop in Nottingham in the early Seventies and it soon became very popular. With in the next six years he had opened up on the now famous Floral Street in London and he had shown his first collection in Paris at their fashion week.

Inside the Floral Street Store
Inside the Floral Street Store

Floral Street

Paul Smith was one of the first shops to open on Floral Street in London which is now famous for it's swath of fashion retailers.

Floral Street was actually the Compton Street of it's day being to narrow for residential it was home to a great number of pubs.

The Paul Smith shop is a testament to Mr Smith eye for great design and for the modern classical, the whole store is fitted out as a late Victorian shop and this works perfectly for the clothing Paul Smith is mostly known for and for the Anglophile world in the Asia market.

The Signature

The Paul Smith signature adorns so much of his clothing and accessories that it has became probably his best known branding. Its simple and perfect for is easily embossed into leather and looks perfect on the side of his shoes and trainers.

The Stripe

Paul Smith is the master of branding and he has added his stripes to almost every product you could ever imagine, from footballs to Leica cameras they have all had it applied and each one takes the stripes on as their own.

Of course the most famous product to have the stripes added is Paul Smith's famous Austin Mini and that has been seen all over the world from out side the L.A store to roaming around Tokyo.

Paul Smith Football
Paul Smith Football
Paul Smith Pencils
Paul Smith Pencils
Paul Smith Cricket Ball
Paul Smith Cricket Ball

Paul Smith 2013

Below is a quick look at the Paul Smith runway collection for 2013. As you can see he has continues with his classic designs in bold colours and I think that this collection has a little bit for everybody in there.

Single Fin

Paul Smith's collections have taken a slightly more surf style in recent years and the introduction of the Single Fin range has been a breath of fresh air and it has enabled Paul to look at the lighter side of life and let loose with a few more fun designs.

The Single Fin range also comes in looser more relaxed fits which is perfect for lounging around at home or for running down to the beach in.

Expect to see acid drop colours and washed out prints.

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