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Peacock Feather Hair Pieces

Updated on November 5, 2015

Peacock Feather Clips for Hair for for Every Occasion

The best peacock feather clips for hair can be small and quaint or large and bold. Wear one to the office, a night on the town, to the prom, or in a wedding as the bride or bridesmaid, or even as the bride with a bird-inspired theme. Some are even elegant enough to wear with an evening gown.


Vintage Inspired Crystal Hair Clip

This is a best seller on Amazon and it's easy to see why. This bronze and multicolored rhinestone clip is beautiful and cheap. The details are amazing from the red gems for eyes and head fathers to the teardrop gems in the tail. The clip is made of a thin metal with teeth on the clip to hold your hair firmly. This will match most any outfit or dress.

Real Peacock Feather Hair Extensions

With extensions, you can find some that clip in and out of your locks easily or designed to stay in your hair for several weeks. Buy one to add a little pizzazz to your hair or a wholesale pack to create an more interesting look. With the attachments, these can be temporary and taken out at night or made semi-permanent so they stay in your locks for several weeks.

Large Headband with Butterflies and Feathers

This is either a large headband or small hat. Either way it's perfect for a night on the town or special event such as a wedding, anniversary, prom, or other party. It's hand crafted to be a one of a kind for every order.


Did you know? Test Your Peafowl Knowledge

Only the male peafowl birds have the long tail feathers and are called peacocks.

The female peafowl are called peahens and only have plain brown feathers and a short tail.

The male molts the long tail feathers at the end of spring and early summer after mating season is over. This is when sellers collect the tail feathers to sell for crafts and other projects.

Thin Headband

This is sure to gain you many compliments as the feathers lay elegantly on your head. The feathers slide on and off the metal headband to prevent damage during storage. Do note this is designed just as a fashion piece. The headband is too thin to hold heavy your hair back and away from the face.

Make Your Own Peacock Feather Clip

You can buy the tail feathers from a neighbor with birds or even on eBay. With these, it's relatively easy to make your own hair accessory as this video demonstrates. You will need some tools and gems, which you can find at any craft store.


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