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Peeling Skin on Hands; Causes, Prevention & Treatment

Updated on June 2, 2013

Peeling skin on hands means the striping of the new skin on hand as well as losing the old layer. It is a normal phenomenon that our body naturally sheds skin on a regular basis, losing the old skin to a new layer. But when it occurs frequently, it makes an odd looking appearance to your hands. It is very embarrassing to display hands with peeling skin before people.

People sometimes think that peeling skin on hands is a contagious disease. They may avoid your hand shake. Peeling skin may cause itching, redness and irritation too. It may result from different conditions like environmental agents, allergies, skin conditions etc. Mostly dry skin is very much prone to peeling.

Causes of peeling skin on hands

Peeling skin of hands may occur due to some skin diseases like eczema, psoriasis, Hand dermatitis, keratolysis etc. Eczema is responsible for peeling skin on the palms of the hands while psoriasis reduces the life cycle of the skin cells and that’s why peeling occurs more frequently. Dry skin is prone to these skin diseases that is why people with dry skin type suffer from this more often than others.

Symptoms that come with Peeling skin on hands

Peeling hands may come with different symptoms depending on the weather and skin condition. In the early stages your hands may become dry, itchy and form blisters. In the same time you may feel pain in your fingers. When your skin of hands begins to peel, flaky skin may appear with dead skin stripping off. Your hand skin becomes tight and stretched. You may also feel pain to move or bend your hands and fingers. Frequent skin peeling on hands makes the outer layer of the skin thin. This makes it more difficult for you to hold hot thing with your hands.

How to Avoid

If your hand skin is peeling then you know that you have a dry skin type. So there is no alternative but to improve the moisture condition of your hands in order to get rid of peeling skin. Do not wash your hands with common soaps. If those need a wash, use gentle soaps that contain moisturizer. Working in the kitchen increases the chance of skin peeling off hands. The heat and vapor produced in the kitchen dry out your hands. On the other side, dishwashing soaps contain a large amount of alkalis which makes the skin of hands rough and prone to lose skin. You should use rubber gloves to protect your hands in the kitchen.


Use lotions or creams to reduce the itching and possible pain when your hands start to generate peeling skin. To remove the dead skin from your hands you can soak your hand in lukewarm water mixing some salt in it. Don’t use too much hot water to wash your hands. After removing dead skins, apply moisturizer to get back the moisture of the skin.

Though, most of those skin diseases are contagious, peeling skin of hands is not such a disease. Rather it may be a sign of other underlying diseases. If the symptoms are severe, consult with a dermatologist to find out the possible skin disease behind the peeling skin.

Who does not want a pair of attractive hands? And hands with peeling skin on them do not look attractive at all. Proper treatment and prevention measures will keep your hand skin soft and youthful. So, no worries for this!


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