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Pegasus Costumes for People

Updated on November 20, 2016

Combining both an equine figure and wings, a pegasus costume presents considerable logistical challenges. Here are some examples of people who rose to them! More examples will be found as I locate them. Please feel free to send in links if you would like your own costume included.


Used in role-play and for convention-wear, fursuits represent the state of the art in costume design. They generally represent the animal anthropomorphically--with a human body by animal head, coat and extremities. for example:


Man's Costume

Woman's Costumes

  • Mystic Crewe of Pegasus (2009)
  • Pretty pegasus (undated)--This commercial costume is one of the more unusual I have seen referred to as a pegasus costume. perhaps 'My Little Pony' inspired? The butterfly wings don't really fit most people's ideas of a flying horse.
  • Sexy pegasus (undated)

Child's Costume

Pegasus Rider Costumes

It is no simple thing to create a costume that produces the illusion of a rider on a pegasus without resorting to a comic/child's costume model. But here are a few interesting examples.


Costumes for Horses

Pegasus costumes for horses and/or ponies are made by: WishPony. See also:

Costumes for other Animals

* Asterisked costumes have both wings and unicorn horn.


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