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Perfect Diamond Wedding Bands for Your Special Occasion

Updated on May 23, 2017

Comfort-Fit Band


The wedding band is a mutual gift that represents a powerful meaning. It symbolizes status and of course a pledge to love one another - the most important decision of one’s life.

The history of the wedding band has different meanings to each culture but can be traced back to Egyptian times. A ring was formed as circle of eternity, no beginning and no ending. The hole in center also carries meaning as a gateway leading to events unknown and giving this to a woman signified a never-ending love. But it was not until the Christians that used this tradition in marriage ceremonies. And is worn on the forth finger because it was believed a vein directly connects to the heart.

Today, the sheer volume of diamond wedding rings out there is simply overwhelming! We know it can be confusing, which is why we have narrowed down your search by deciding on the basics. Take a look at the dazzling array of diamond wedding bands and get inspired!

Wedding Band in Yellow-Gold with Two Rows of Diamonds


This traditional wedding band offers a sleek and high-polished design for extra shine. The timeless style of a plain band will always be an eternal classic.

This is a stunning wedding band in yellow-gold with two rows of diamonds. Classic yet fashionable, it is the perfect option for your bride-to-be that wants to shine from every angle.

This white-gold diamond wedding band has our heart. It features eye-catching diamonds and has a contemporary design, delicate and sophisticated. This ring is sure to add radiance to the overall look of the bride-to-be.

Unique and romantic, this gorgeous rose-gold wedding band has a warm, pink hue, guaranteed to render the bride speechless. Refined in style, this band is the perfect romantic addition to a stunning round-cut engagement ring.

This round-cut diamond with interesting detail makes this wedding band truly unique. Perfect for simple engagement rings or for the unconventional bride-to-be.


Princess-cut Diamond Wedding Bands


This wedding band is complemented by baguette-cut diamonds. A simple and elegant combination that creates a memory to last a lifetime together!

Searching for the perfect wedding band has got to be one of the most important elements of the wedding planning because your wedding rings are for life, not just for a day!

Finding a unique and perfect wedding band to complement not just your bride-to-be but also the engagement ring can be a challenge. Hopefully a few of these wedding bands inspired you on the search to complete your rings for the upcoming “I do’s”

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