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Perfect Fall Makeup

Updated on October 3, 2015

Fall is the best time of year! I love the beauty trends and the clothes! I have two looks that I typically fall in love with every year and I hope you will love them, too!

Look #1: Bold

This look is completely out of my usual zone. I love it. It is bold, sultry, and makes me look so sexy. A dark lip just takes the look from a 1 to a 10. On my eyes, I used the 35w palette from Morphe brushes ($15 on Hautelook, $19.99 on their website), the Tarte The Taretiest Liner ($24, Sephora or Ulta), Lush Eyes Right Mascara ($18

For my face, I used all Morphe skin palettes. Any foundation and contour will do. It is not important what face products you use.

For my lips, I used the dark purple shade from my Lipstick Nick Palette from Morphe. This palette is $25 on their website and is still available!

Morphe 35w palette
Morphe 35w palette
Lipstick Nick Palette swatches....the dark purple in the middle is the shade on my lips
Lipstick Nick Palette swatches....the dark purple in the middle is the shade on my lips

Look #2: Regular, Every Day Look

This next look is the look I wear to class and tutoring every single day. It is so easy, so versatile, so classy. I used the Morphe 35w again, only the matte shades. I do a ivory color on my lid, and a caramel color in my crease. Liner on my top eye lid, and the mascara to complete it. I also contour every day because it accentuates my face. For my lip, I typically use MAC Whirl lipstick or a color from my 10LN lip palette from Morphe. This look is so casual, but you still always look your best. It takes ten minutes and it is so easy to do!

As you can see below, I look like a typical college student with the Pink hoodie and my hair up in a bun. To me, this is my signature look. I always look cute and stylish, but I put in little effort. This look is perfect for the women who like to sleep in and still look their best!

Clearly, my makeup goes from one extreme to the next. But, in the fall, my looks above are completely different from any other season. I created my bold look after watching Jaclyn Hill's latest video. My regular look is something I have been doing for years! Hope you guys enjoyed these looks and hopefully you will recreate them!


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