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Perfect Fit Button Review

Updated on January 18, 2011
The Perfect Fit Button
The Perfect Fit Button

Perfect Fit Button As Seen On TV

The Perfect Fit Button as seen on TV commercial is starting to get more popular. I actually ordered mine before I ever saw it on television because I heard about it on a message board. It was one product I wanted to try for several reasons and I hoped this one would pan out for the AS Seen On TV world.

I'm getting a bit tired of all the complaints I hear over shipping or other conspiracies about these carnival barkers so I'm hoping The Perfect Fit Button is the Perfect Punch I need to solve this problem. I seem to have great luck with my purchases. I read the fine print and always opt out of any upgrades. I get my stuff and add it to my collection. So Im hoping for the best.

I'm at a crossroads with my As Seen On TV Hobby because it's important to open and try the products in order to write a review on them or rip them for bad quality, but I wish I could keep them in the original packaging in mint condition because a lot of them become collectors items. Many become part of pop culture like the Snuggie and having an original in the vault (my closet) is kind of cool. I want my own little As Seen On TV hall of fame more so than I want to use the junk.

Perfect Fit Button Commercial

The Perfect Fit Button

But back to the task at hand. I mentioned that I wanted to try the Perfect Fit Button for several reasons and here they are. First, I love to wear my jeans when they are really old and faded. For that matter I love my Khakis the same way.but I tend to lose buttons.

I know many pants and shorts come with that extra button sewn inside and plain ole buttons are easy enough to find at the store but sewing them on by hand is pretty tough. It's also kind of fun because I feel a real sense of accomplishment when I do it, but there's always a few mistakes.

I never seem to get it in the right spot and somehow I mess up the pattern and there's always a thread or two wrapped around the outside of the button which can make it hard to button up the pants. Not to mention, it looks sloppy.

So the perfect button is a great alternative to sewing on buttons and here's why. The perfect button is nothing more than a snap in place button. You jam it through the fabric and fasten it from behind with the little snap gizmo. If you think it's in the wrong place, you just move it. These things snap pretty tight so it won't fall off and many of the buttons I've sewn on myself seem to break away after a few washes and wears anyway. So the perfect button has a strong appeal to me.

The second reason I wanted to try the perfect button was because the commercial claims you can take in or let out your waist on your own. You don't have to go for alterations which, to me, are a bit to permanent of you tend to yo yo with your weight. You can simply move your perfect fit button anywhere you want to on your waistband and you can go slimmer or looser. If it really works, then what a handy little thing.

The commercial brings up a few other nifty points like altering hand me downs for kids and if you are like us, you probably by your kid's clothing a little big so it will last longer. As long as temporarily taking in the pants doesn't look funny, then the kids probably won't mind. It's the length which is what is more difficult to deal with but the perfect fit gives you a great option to deal with waist size issues.

Now let's get to the good part. Let's watch the perfect fit button infomercial and get our laughs in. This one is especially campy and is a lot of fun to watch. I'm sure they will be making fun of this one all over the net, so sit back and enjoy it.

The Perfect Fit Button Review

Now that we've seen the As Seen On TV commercial and I hope had some giggles it's time for the dreaded Perfect Fit Button Review!!! There are things which I like about it and there are some things I don't so let's start with what I don't like.

First, I already have the Shoes Underwhich I do use. Ours now house the Beanie Baby collection which nobody seems to care about now but sure did when they made me stand in line for 3 hours hoping to get a shot at the Princess Diana Bear! And it wasn't just once. I recall Lucky lines, Peace Bear Lines and the ultimate score the Teddy 97 Christmas Bear. Hey maybe I do care, but don't tell anyone. But anyway, the Shoes Under may be a bonus for some, but certainly could have done without it.

Next, I hate the Denim Button because it says "Perfect Fit Button". I know all cool jeans buttons have something on them and at first glance it looks ok, but I just don't like it. Nobody is gonna get close enough to read it but if for some reason someone does, you are busted. I'm not sure it's a crime but it seems cheesy. The other buttons are plain but they look kind of kooky and unless I'm wearing a suit, I will always have a belt over it.

Keep in mind this is for replacement buttons only. If it's for altering the waist and the other button is still there, I'm always wearing a belt because two buttons looks ridiculous.

Here's what I do like: The Perfect Fit Button Works!

I'm the perfect candidate for this product because I tend to fluctuate between 145 lbs and 170lbs. There are lots of reasons for that but what the main issue is that I have clothes that are anywhere from 31 inch waists to 34 inch waists. Now, I'm a guy so I generally don't care but I know my big pants look foolish and I actually where my favorite walk shorts that are 34s when I'm in my 31 or 32 stage. They actually can fall right down to my ankles even if I'm wearing a belt.

My solution has been just to roll down the waist band a couple of times but I look like Huck Finn without the rope. The perfect button solves this problem. I just take in the shorts and they look fine. The length was always fine so you can't tell a thing. I don't tuck my shirts into my walking shorts anyway so no belts, no rolling no discomfort. It's great.

Now, most of my work pants are khakis and they are all 34s. I bought two pairs of 32s but I want to wear my bigger ones so it doesn't look like I'm wearing the same pants everyday. I didn't want them altered because then I would have no fat clothes, so again I can take these in with the perfect button and they are fine. I wear a belt because there are two buttons and even though they are a little baggy in the seat, I feel fine and am not self conscious about it. I think I'm the only one who could notice. So if I choose, I can add 8 pairs of pants to my wardrobe right now while I'm thin.

I suppose the same holds true for when I start gaining again. I can let out my 32s a little and make the transition to my 34s. These things snap tight and hold on so you're not gonna lose them.

I really only use the Jeans buttons. The other colors will work for me with belts but after all, I'm a guy who's been letting his pants fall down for years so I'm not gonna put a whole lot of effort into color coordinating my buttons.

Now I guess by now you can tell that I'm not someone who goes out and buys a lot of clothes even if I really need them. I think a lot of guys are like me. We like our stuff and that's how we are. I remember one time that my wife decided to clean out my underwear drawer against my wishes. She said "Why do you have a headband in your underwear drawer?" That wasn't a headband it was my old underwear with only the waistband still in tact. I never even thought of throwing it away. Guys just don't think like that.

My point is this. If you do go out and buy new clothes every time your waist size changes, then Perfect Fit Buttons will save you a ton of money. Things are tight for everyone right now and while buying new clothes is fun for some, I doubt having to replace a pair of jeans or plain black pants just because you've put on a few pounds probably isn't your idea of shopping. It's the new styles that are fun not replacing your old ones.

Perfect Fit Buttons are here to stay and I'm quite sure every household could use them. Even if it's just for emergency button replacement on the way to an event, these things will come in handy. In fact, they go perfect with latest do it yourself sewing accessory called Style Snaps. Pretty soon we won't even need sewing machines.


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    • profile image

      Rhys 5 years ago

      I just want everyone to know that after wrestling with it with pliers for two days, I had to use a bolt cutter to get mine off.

      Perhaps that's why the pants were in a second hand store. This button ruins every pair you use it on.

    • profile image

      LaShawnda2 6 years ago

      I just bought these "Perfect Buttons" and I has to say, they NOT perfect, they perfect GARBAGE. That's what they is. I pull the first one out and it is ugly. Who gonna put jean buttons on anything? They ugly! I need brown buttons, and you know what happened? They BROKE! They do not work they do not unscrew and the shaft get bent. I hate them Do not waste your money unless you get them at the dolla tree or da piggly wiggly.

    • profile image

      Jen 7 years ago

      I am having the problem most reviewers have. Can't seem to get the backs off of some of the buttons. But the most annoying thing to me is the post stinking into my belly making it very uncomfortable.

    • profile image

      Jerry S 7 years ago

      @wendyww I'm glad you found a better solution. BTW, the tk in is the country code for Tokelau (

      For those struggling to get the backs off, where the instructions say "squeeze and pull the top portion of the fastener", the squeezing motion should pull out the "stem" opposite the button, which (if it is working!) allows the back to slide off of the post. You are working against a spring inside the back that pulls the stem in. I got 7 of 8 backs off once I understood this. (One stem broke off as I gripped it with pliers because I couldn't budge it by squeezing.)

    • profile image

      wendyww 7 years ago

      I tried perfect fit and was disappointed. I have arthritis and found getting the buttons off was impossible. Half the time I couldn’t even use them because the hole left in the jean was to big. I was lucky enough to find a solution. I now use U-Fix and for $5 it replaces any button. They also come in many colours and I use whatever button I want. And that big hole in my daughter’s jeans was no problem U-Fix went in on either side and closed the hole while it fixed my button. They wash great and I can remove them if I want to sew it and reuse it later. I can even use them if the thread is coming loose, it just slides in on either side. My kids love them for decorating their backpacks. I recommend anyone to try them and see for yourself. And their site has no additional offers to buy crap you don’t want. (don’t know what the tk is for) Company is in Canada. Shipping was cheap too. I got 15 ufix plus buttons and these great fabric adhesive backings in a cute little wallet with pockets that I can fit anywhere

    • profile image

      Barb 7 years ago

      I've had these sitting around for 6 months now. Broke 2. Still can't get the backs off.Very disappointing. Who can one write to? Why don't they change them to screw on? Waste of money!Why doesn't the company listen to all the complaints? I just went back to sewing on a button now.

    • mysisters profile image

      mysisters 7 years ago

      Nice Hub. These look pretty awesome.

    • profile image

      ml 7 years ago

      Got mine at the Dollar Tree (a local store) for.. $1.00..

      for that price they work just fine for me, just be careful

      with the backs..

    • profile image

      jmh 7 years ago

      can someone that didn't have a problem with their buttons please explain how they got the backs off? i have a button stuck on my jeans and i need to get it off!!

    • profile image

      mandi 7 years ago

      ugh! i cannot get the backs off no matter what i do! it really is a great concept but they need to fix the backs.

    • profile image

      Sarah 7 years ago

      I love my Perfect Fit Buttons! I'm constantly going up and down a jean size, and now I can wear my favorite jeans.

      I do have a hard time with the backs, so I'm glad they gave me extra since I broke 2 right away. I got mine at Wal Mart for only a couple bucks though, so I didn't mind losing 2 of the 8. Some of them definitely work better than others, but I really only need 1.

      I did wash one and the back broke off so now it's a permanent fixture, but the exposed back doesn't bother me at all. I just have 2 buttons to choose from now with that pair of pants.

      I don't understand the complaints about the back being too long, I don't feel mine at all. I'm thinking if your jeans are that tight even with the button, then it's time to suck it up and go up a pant size.

      I would recommend this product. No it's not "perfect" but for 8-10 dollars it's worth the money.

    • profile image

      Pam 7 years ago

      Wow, y'all, I just bought a package of these today in the store and haven't opened them. Guess I'll take them back based on the comments here. Heck, it sounded like a good idea to give me an extra inch in the waist.

    • profile image

      Ray Gibson 7 years ago

      Perfect Fit Button

      I recently purchased a package of your so called "Perfect Fit Buttons"

      thinking that it would a great answer to fixing my wife's pants.

      Today I opened the package to install one of the buttons on a pair of her pants.

      First of all I found it nearly impossible to remove the fastener from the button stud.

      I finally did get it apart but it broke in the process as did two more. It is not possible to re-assemble them when they come apart.

      I finally got one of them to actually work but it sticks out so far on the inside of the pants that she can't possibly tolerate the pain of trying to wear them that way.

      I think your "Perfect Fit Button" is perfect junk and nothing more.

      I did not keep the receipt so I can not return it to the store but I need to let you know what I think of your product. It's worthless and you are doing your customers a disservice by selling them.

    • profile image

      xRuss 7 years ago

      Very frustrated as i cannot for the life of me get the backs off these things. Great concept if i can actually put them on.

    • profile image

      skiergirl 7 years ago


    • profile image

      Chistina 7 years ago

      I have made multiple attmepts to get the back off of each one individually and they WILL NOT come off. Seems like a great concept if I could actually use them. Guess I'll never know?

    • profile image

      Katie 7 years ago

      I can't get the backs off either. It's very frustrating.

    • profile image

      Paula 7 years ago

      Guess what they are crooks!!!!!!!!! I paid 13.04 postage to send back inferior product. Then they shorted me 14.96 in the credit. Crooks!!!!!!!!!!!! I am disputing. DON'T BUY THIS it STICKS out 1 WHOLE INCH FROM BODY...........................................................Paula Cole

    • profile image

      Carrie 7 years ago

      I know that all my pants have less than a half inch from my button to the end of the pants band, which means there is no room for an extra button to be put. If you pay attention to the commercial you will see the buttons they have on their pants that the pants came with are no where near the actual normal area buttons are put. They have moved them so they could fit the perfect fit button.

      Might work great for making your pants smaller but not for expanding your pants because like I said there is no room to put the button without it overlapping the original button

    • profile image

      thesesuck 7 years ago

      ARGH! Give me a damn break. The backs don't come off. How frustrating!

    • profile image

      Julie 7 years ago

      I just bought these and they are AWFUL!! You can put them on okay, but then taking them off is next to impossible! Your fingers hurt after trying several times and the tips of either hand will start to hurt. I am returning mine. Why can they come up with one that screws on and off that way there is no question on whether the darn thing will work. Not worth the money until they come up with something easier.

    • profile image

      George 7 years ago

      I can't get the fasteners off the buttons by any means, including

      pliers. But, if you want to try, you can buy them in Walmart and

      Walgreen's for between $7 and $8. I got mine in Wamart for somehting

      over $7 and it includes 8 buttons. However, PerfectFit buttons do

      not work at all.

    • profile image

      jo 7 years ago

      Please don't buy the perfect fit buttons. It does not work. The back part does not come out of the pants and its hard to take them out of the box. I did not return it as I would have to pay for postage but I called them and made them give me $5.00 dollars back and they did. I guess we should all complain to customer service and demand some of our money back as it is made very cheaply and should not me marketed.

    • profile image

      Georgette 7 years ago

      I bought the Perfit Fit Button at The Dollar General Store. There are eight in the package and I was able to open only two of them. Now I cannot take them off the pants to use on other pants. Is there a secret to opening them? My husband tried and cannot open them either.

    • profile image

      Lois  7 years ago

      I ordered perfit button qty 2 + $20- they charged me hooks which I did not order another $10 total $30.

      SHIPPING CHARGE IS $34.95. You have got to be kidding!! Very unhappy - will return everything. Even my hammack did not have such a charge for shipping !!!!!!!

    • profile image

      Claire 7 years ago

      Will someone please explain how to get the backs off these buttons. I've tried using pliars. Squeezing and pulling at the same time. Nothing works.

    • heart4theword profile image

      heart4theword 7 years ago from hub

      That's pretty cool! My first thought was, wouldn't look like your pants were still unbuttoned, when using perfect button. Then I watched the video, and saw, it seems to be ok afterall, especially if you our on the preferred side of the scale:) Great Share! Wouldn't of you liked to be the inventor:)

    • profile image

      Patrick 7 years ago

      Half of the fasteners were broken which makes half of the buttons useless. Somewhat less than "Perfect." The ones that work are very annoying because the fasteners extend 1/4 inch into your belly from the waist band -- and they have semi-sharp edges on them which can scratch your skin -- even if your belly button is an "innie." I wrote to them but they never responded. Waste of money.

    • profile image

      kelly 7 years ago

      You guys had the same problem. Ugh I was SO mad!! My hubby came home and he got mad. WE then tried push and pull separately. They made it sound like you had to do it at the same time. My 10 year old even got it. What I like about these is that with shirts I dont have a big belt to make me look fatter and keep my pants up......Keep trying...LOL

    • profile image

      sreeder 7 years ago

      Not happy, can not for the life of me-can I get the backs off.

    • profile image

      Nancy 7 years ago

      great concept but if you don't tuck your shirt in the backing pinches the skin, very anoying after a while

    • profile image

      Eduardo R Barberena 7 years ago

      I will not order this product. I ordered the perfect fit button and the double offer; that was $10 plus $6.99 plus $6.99. Then they offered me a set of 4 jean button additionally for a total of $31.90 which I paid with a Credit Card. They send me only two sets of perfict fit buttons and the shoe under. I tried to phone them for the set of jean button that did not came, but the phone on the the commercial was for another company.

    • profile image

      Susan 7 years ago

      The product might be okay however the shipping charges and then the shipping charges on the bonus are almost more than the products. That to me is a rip off. I tried to return them but sat on the phone for 45 minutes waiting for customer service.

    • profile image

      Paula 7 years ago

      So excited to buy these, but neither myself of my husband get the backs off. Even tried squeezing with a pliers! May never get to use them.

    • profile image

      robert pelton 7 years ago

      sirs: on april 1st i sent a check for 23.98 for buttons and i believe a shoe organizer as advertised on tv, the check #6852 was cashed on april 13th but i still haven't received my order can you let me know the situation.

      e mail

      bob pelton 23057 s. kent rd. channahon ill. 60410

    • profile image

      Jean 8 years ago

      Don't buy these buttons! The backs were always hard to open, but after using them a few times, a piece of the back part came off, leaving a sharp point sticking into my stomach. Now I can't get the darn things off at all. I have tried with pliers, pulling each part, but no luck. Even my husband can't get it off and it's ruining my pants. This product is cheaply made. Too bad, it's a great concept.

    • profile image

      Donna 8 years ago

      I bought mine at Walmart a few days ago. I'm using them to tighten some of my jeans... tired of them constantly falling down. My only complaint is how hard it is to open the buttons. I followed the little directions they gave, and unless you have no nerve endings in your fingers I suggest using pliers like I had to. I lined the button up while wearing the pants... it pushes through the pants no problem... easier to line them up to the right tightness.

    • profile image

      David 8 years ago

      I have no trouble getting the backs off of mine. If you're using any kind of tools or hurting your fingers you need to reread the instructions.

    • profile image

      Teira Washington 8 years ago

      Please people do not order this product because its hard to remove the back part of the buttons. You will waste your time by trying to get the button apart. I'm returning mine.

    • profile image

      Chas D 8 years ago

      They look fine etc but I did not order on line as the site was not secure (no s on the http and no padlock. Or, no option to use PayPal. So I will either order by phone or wait till they show up at the corner drug store

    • profile image

      Jennifer 8 years ago

      Thanks for the review. I ordered the perfect fit buttons and am satisified. I am wearing them on 2 pair of pants. One a pair of jeans and two a pair of black slacks. They work fine. I've washed both pairs with no trouble the button didn't come off. I definetly don't feel it's a scam as noted above. It's helpful thing to me so why is it a scam? Making them for one amount and selling it at another is called a business & profit. Why do they make some shoes for 76 cents and sell them for over 100? It's definetly not made out of plastic as long as it's not made of lead I don't care. The Shoes Under I didn't like and actually threw away.

    • profile image

      buttonbutton 8 years ago

      thanks for the great review! I wanted to buy this primarily because I have jeans where the metal snap has come off (cheap jeans!) and didn't want to take them to the tailor for a new one. Looks like this will be just the thing for my lazy self. ;)