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The Perfect Hair Do Before the Big “I Do!”

Updated on August 1, 2015

Your big day is coming - you’ve got the dress, booked the venue and sent out invitations. Most women have a common wish when it comes to the bridal beauty - to be the happiest, healthiest and most beautiful version of themselves as possible when walking down the aisle. Whether you’re planning a cathedral ceremony or your wedding is simple, it's hard not to worry about potential bridal hair and makeup disasters which can ruin your bridal look. Mark your calendar and find out which daily hair care and beauty routine steps you should be taking months, weeks and hours before you say "I do!” to have a picture perfect day.

6 Months to the Big Day

If you are planning a dramatic change in your hair colour, consider these major changes way before the wedding - when there’s still enough time to correct your new look if you change your mind.


This doesn’t automatically mean blonde - you can still be a lighter redhead or brunette.

Keep in mind, colour does not lighten colour. If your hair is currently colour-treated, think of adding highlights to lighten your overall look or if you still like how light or dark your hair is but want to spice up your colour? Choose to warm or cool tones or enhance to maintain your current shade.


Darker means darker than you are - but still with pops of warm, cool or red tones. Choose this option for everything from a medium golden brown to a deep burgundy black.

Brunette is anything but basic this year - think richer and bolder, and simultaneously strong yet understated. Deep, dark with subtle amber dimension adds an instant glow that warms up fair and olive complexions. If you don't want to deviate too far from your natural hue? Ask your stylist for a semi-permanent glaze to revive winter-dulled strands.


Metallic reds are on fire this year - this means traditional red hues highlighted with hints of bronze (hence the "ronze") and copper for a glimmering, ultra-glossy effect. Go for the rose gold - depending on your desired hue, colorists typically create this peachy-pink look by blending creamy blondes with rosy pink to achieve the multidimensional look.

Thought going grey was a hair nightmare? Think again. The hottest A-listers have been spotted sporting gorgeous grey locks in the summer of 2015. Try with your stylist to tread gently with an ice-cool blonde rinsed with a silver toner, take the plunge with all-over grey or let your natural silver strands show through.

From Kim Kardashian to Michelle Williams - stars are all about platinum blonde or icy-blonde this season. However usually it means at least two rounds of a bleach process (and potentially a third or fourth process depending on how your hair reacts to bleach), it’s even more damaging than the usual blonde highlights. To minimize damage use a deep conditioning products or serum with natural oils.

Take Care of Your Hair

If you have chosen you new shade - now it's time to consider special treatment for your dyed locks to look healthy and the colour not to look washed out. Coloured hair has many enemies, whether it’s chemical shampoos, chlorine, heat exposure from straighteners, or just the sun. Colour treated hair needs a special attention. Consider adding some new steps into your hair care routine with the professional products and it will keep your colour bright and your locks in good condition.

For extra shine in your hair, pamper your color-treated locks once a week with a deep-conditioning treatment. Even if you've never dyed, protect hair against heat damage (and add shine) with a mask or serum which is packed with wheat and silk proteins, natural keratin and olive oil - those ingredients which nourish the hair and enhancing shine.

* Red hair colours tend to fade faster because they have the largest molecules. To keep your red hair in a deep shade regularly use the products with the shea butter, emollient and disentangling moisturizing inulin.

* Dark hair requires uncompromising dedication to the right hair care. Every time you wash your hair you need to use special shampoos and rinses for colour treated hair. For the longer lasting effect consider using masks for coloured hair or change the routine once or twice a week by combining using conditioner or mask.

* Blonde hair needs a pretty specific maintenance routine. You should be gentle and wash less and when it comes to choosing a shampoo and conditioner, look for formulas designed specifically for maintaining and protecting your colour. Avoid anything harsh or stripping and opt for sulfate-free products.

3 Months to the Big Day

Find the perfect hair style for you. The golden rule - your best look depends on your hair texture and your face shape. Be honest, consider your face shape and hair texture before going to see your stylist and choose what best looks on you.

Round Face

A shoulder-dusting cut with long layers elongates your face. Strong, straight-across bangs enhance cheekbones. If your hair is curly length can be midneck to midback, but always get long layers to counteract a pyramid effect; a deep side part emphasizes bone structure. Kinky hair can fall to chin or shoulders. Diagonal layers remove weight from the sides; a part (middle or side) slims your face.

Square Face

A shoulder-length cut with layers from chin to collarbone softens a strong jaw; sideswept bangs minimize a wide forehead. If your locks are wavy - try a shoulder-length cut with layers angled from ears to ends; add bounce with a few shorter layers that fall over your forehead. If your hair is kinky choose a style either above the chin or below. Cuts that end at the jawline add width to your face.

Heart Face

Try a pixie to play up your eyes and cheekbones. Or a blunt lob (long bob) with a few long layers if your hair is straight. Curls are full around shoulders and balance the forehead's width with collarbone-length cut. A chin-length bob for kinky hair will create flattering fullness around the jawline. Avoid razors; they thin hair and create frizz.

Oval Face

Straight layers that start just below the eyes will make your face look fuller. Avoid all-one-length long hair. A cut that skims your shoulders plays up curls; a side part enhances cheekbones. Kinky supershort or superfull hair gives your face perfect balance. Leave it rounder on top and tapered at the ears.

Say "I Do" for Your Hair Do


The flat fine hair needs volume without weight - which sounds as it defies all the laws of physics. Start by using a thickening shampoo and conditioner, but use the latter only on the very ends of your hair. And rinse it out really, really well.

To style your hair, spritz a heat protecting product from the middle length through the ends of your damp hair, then comb through a mound of mousse. It will add body with a bit of control. For the long party weekend you'll definitely want to consider getting the dry shampoo products - it adds texture, grip, and bulk to slippery fine hair, and it can be used throughout the day to create fresh lift.


You'll need time and patience to pull your texture. Start the styling process by combing a few drops of styling oil through wet hair, followed by a small dollop of styling cream. If you work your way from the back of your head forward, you won't weigh down bangs and face-framing layers. Shine sprays are your friend because the bulkiness of your hair can make it look dull. Finish any style with a shot of an aerosol shine-enhancing spray (but use it only from the middle length to ends).


Tight curls require an intense, carefully considered approach to styling products. Your routine should start in the shower. Use a deep conditioner, but only rinse it out halfway. Conditioner keeps curls shiny and smooth. Post-shower, immediately comb through a leave-in conditioner. For more gloss and definition, when your hair is almost dry, twist large chunks of curls with a generous blob of styling oil or silicone serum. And as a general rule, opt for creamy products instead of sprays (they can leave hot spots of product in curly hair).


Wavy hair needs frizz and pouf control. But that doesn't mean you should drown it in rich shampoos and styling products. If you're using a frizz-fighting shampoo and conditioner (most of which have silicone as an ingredient), pick lighter styling products that contain natural oils instead of silicone. They'll smooth waves without smothering them. If your waves need a little help to reach their full potential, salt sprays are better than gels or curl creams. If your ends look scraggly once your hair is dry, run a little styling oil (most are actually a mix of oils and silicones) over them with your fingertips.


You need to battle frizz and dryness. On days you aren't shampooing, refresh your curls by getting them wet in the shower and running a conditioner from the middle length to the ends. And to keep curls in place without the crunch of gel, use a curl-refreshing mist (water spiked with light conditioners) as needed throughout the day. If you haven't already, switch to sulfate-free shampoos, which won't exacerbate dryness, and rich conditioners (with silicone or panthenol), which seal in moisture. If you're using a heavy conditioner, choose water-based stylers that have water as the first ingredient.

Easy Wedding Updo with Curls | Prom Hairstyles Hair Tutorial

Evaluate Your Hair Needs

If you are wearing your hair down or half up on your big day, you’ll need to get it looking as healthy as possible - especially the ends. We suggest getting hair care products which will give you an in-salon deep conditioning treatment. Look for the combination of deep moisturising shampoo and conditioner. After a few months your locks will be sleek and overly conditioned.

Introduce a deep conditioning mask into your regime to hydrate and nourish your locks - your hair will be gleaming with health after weekly applications of the products enriched with the oils and vitamins.

1 Month to the Big Day

If you have naturally rebellious or frizzy strands, go for an in-salon keratin treatment or choose products with the keratin elements for daily use one month before the wedding so your texture is under control but hair doesn’t fall flat on the day. Consider shampoos, conditioners or masks - use them once a week for the perfect result.

Two Weeks to the Big Day

Fine-tune your colour - perfecting your colour, whether it’s a root touch-up or subtle highlights, at this point is smart for two reason - it gives the dye a chance to settle while still looking fresh, but doesn’t leave enough time for your roots to start growing in. At this time consider adding products which is specially created to treat dyed hair.

One Week to the Big Day

Brides should visit their stylist a week prior to the wedding for a final trim to keep bangs and layers looking fresh, as well as to clean up any split ends. It is not recommend to make a drastic change right before getting married. It’s an emotional time, and too much change can tip a fragile scale. But it is recommend having a trusted stylist (not a new person at a salon near your wedding location) do a light trimming of the ends and bangs. This’ll allow time for it to "settle" while still looking fresh.

The Day Before “I Do!”

Beauty sleep - the best thing you can do at this point is to get some sleep - you’ve done your work, now take some time to relax (or at least try to).

Hydrate - we all know that drinking water is the key to clear skin and beautiful hair, but now's the time to really follow through. Drink lots of water the day before to ensure your skin is glowing and your eyes sparkle on your big day, try to drink at least eight glasses of water.

Now keep calm and say "I do!".

Be Ready for the Wedding Beauty Disaster

What if your updo totally unravels while you're dancing? To prevent this beauty disaster, remember to stress-test your updo at your hair trial: dance, jump up and down, whatever to see how sturdy it'll be; if needed, your hairstylist can add some extra-long hairpins to a chignon, bun or twist to provide extra support. And pack plenty of extra bobby pins and a mini can of strong-hold hairspray in your clutch; if just a couple curls slip out, you can have a bridesmaid help you stick them back in place.

Wedding hairstyle for medium long hair, elegant updo.

PS. Picture Perfect

The pressure’s on not only to look our best in person, but also in front of the lens. And with every picture ending up on Facebook (and Instagram and Twitter) the pressure can flatten your hair.

With only a few tips and the hair care products you already have at home, your photo album will be fabulous.

Make your hair shine. Blow-dry downward on high heat to avoid frizz. Then tame flyways with a silicone-based serum, by rubbing it between your palms and smoothing it onto the crown of your hair. On your big day, instead of creating body with root lifting sprays that will leave the ends looking flat, choose volumizing shampoo, which create all-over body.



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