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Perfect Reading Glasses for Men and Women

Updated on December 2, 2012

Unisex sunglasses and reading glasses have been making quite a splash lately due to their flexible design and functionality. For individuals who rely on reading glasses for their reading and viewing needs, reading glasses that look good on men and women should be part of their wardrobe.

The benefits of reading glasses for men and women are tremendous: first, they were designed for both men and women who need reading glasses to go about their work. Second, they were designed with no specific attire or wardrobe in mind. You can wear them with your casual clothes, your business attire, and even, your swimsuit and these reading glasses would still match your look. Lastly, these reading glasses for men and women are stylish and can make a 40-year old wearer look younger by ten years. This is the beauty of reading glasses for men and women-- since they were designed for both genders of wearers, their build and design are capable of “masking” the true age of the wearer.

When choosing the perfect pair of reading glasses for men and women, it is important to always consider the color of the frames and lenses, frame shape, and the wearer's face shape. While most unisex reading glasses were designed to look good on anyone, this is not guaranteed and wearers must still learn how to weigh the design of the reading glasses.

Trying to correctly identify your face and frame shape are easy and there are plenty of tutorials available on the web, today; however, identifying the right lens colors depending on your age and skin tone can get really tricky. Some colors may look good on men, but these colors may not be ideal for women. Also, some lens colors may be ideal for a 20- or 30-year old but when worn by a 40-year old, it could wreck your attire.

According to fashion experts, there are two known types of skin tones: cool and warm tones. Look at the underside of your arm and try to identify which shade is more prominent: is it yellow or pink?

When your skin tone seems to incline towards the yellowish shade, you have a warm complexion which looks good when paired with bright colored frames and lenses.

Now, if your undertones show a pinkish shimmer, you have a cool complexion which is easy to accentuate with dark frames and lenses.

It's easy to make the most out of unisex reading glasses for men and women, so before choosing a pair, go for reading glasses which may be worn by both genders.


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