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Perfect feelgood shave

Updated on June 2, 2010

My perfect very close and smooth shave.

Now, the reason I thought I would write a hub like this is because, I think, when I shave, I have a really good method, and it is always great to find out other methods and tips from people which can help us lads improve our shaves, looks and skin. We all at some point hate shaving, sometimes not in the humor, and at times after shaving feel very uncomfortable with our facial skin.

I was like that years ago, but I think, well, for my skin I have found the perfect method, and I'll share it with all the lads, and hopefully it will help somebody feel great after shaving.

Before we go.

So we all have our rituals, some lads like to shower before shaving, have our gels, our blades, soaps, electrics, so my method is just my opinion but I swear by it, I get a really close, very smooth, never itchy, burning or tight, takes me a few extra minutes, but my whole aim when I finish the shave Is to feel like a new man.

Most times I like to let my stubble go a few days depending on my job situation, but letting it grow for 4-5 days will let your skin rejuvenate, and you will have a better shave. Shaving everyday is not good for the skin. So I'll stop blabbing on and off with the shave.

Simple steps

1 Massage face with hot water.

2 Cover face with gel.

3 Shave with the grain.

4 Rinse face and cover with gel again.  

5 Shave up against the grain.

6 Rinse, shower and moisturise.                        

The road to smooth

No more kisses she says
No more kisses she says
small strokes
small strokes
rinse and start again
rinse and start again
shaving up
shaving up
face scrub and face wash
face scrub and face wash
moisturise and feeling smooth
moisturise and feeling smooth

A new smooth you

1 First step

Run the hot water and fill up the sink, good hot water now. Place your blade in the water. My choice of blade now is a regular Gillette mach 3. As I say, I have tried others, Bic razors, mach3 turbo, m3 power, all disposables, electrics etc but In recent years I have stuck with this blade because it works for me, and much cheaper to buy on line. You will get about 3-4 shaves out of each blade, I tend to get 5.

Now, massage your face with the hot water, or as I do, rub my stubble like a wild man with hot water, it softens the hair, opens pores and if the morning, great for waking you up.

2 Second step

Cover your whole stubble with your shaving foam or gel. Now again I have used, Gillette, king of shaves, nivea, and even loreal, but in the last 5 years say, I have found my holy grail in Clinique m shave Aloe gel. I swear by it, fantastic gel, a little bit more expensive than the rest, but no burns, no stickiness etc, really great product and I highly recommend it, I have never looked back since I started using it.

3 Third step

With small strokes, shave with the grain, travelling in the same direction as the hair, starting from the side of the face, down to the neck. When fully shaved empty sink, rinse your face with good hot water and refill sink, placing blade in the water again.

4 Forth step

Taking just a small amount of gel, cover your face again, the reason is, we are going to shave again, starting at the bottom of the neck and stroking up towards your face. This is how we are going to get our super smooth face. You can feel around your face where there is unshaved hair, shaving against the grain, totally clearing your face from hair. Yes we are shaving twice, up and down, but totally worth it in the end. Feel around and feel the smoothness.

5 Fifth step

Rinse off, empty sink and do not forget to clean the sink, can lead to an ear bashing. Also lads, check out your noes hairs and see if they need a snip. So now I like to use Clinique facial scrub, giving my forehead and nose a good scrubbing, leaving it on, and using loreal Hydra Energetic face wash, jump straight in to the shower and give yourself and face a good rinsing.

6 Finally

After a nice shower, dry off, and my final touches to my smooth face, is, and yes lads, there is nothing wrong with moisturising, really after shaving makes your face very comfortable. I'm using now loreal vita lift, but there are plenty out there, find a nice non-smelling non-alcohol one, makes you feel extra smooth. Put on some aftershave if you like, it's your face.

Well I hope this works for some body. This is my usual routine and I swear by it, always feel great after it, and lads, it's OK to look after our skins too.


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    • Sherbet Penny profile imageAUTHOR

      Sherbet Penny 

      8 years ago from Galway, Ireland.

      Well janny I should hope it is male oriented hub, or else there is a lot of bearded ladies out there lol, glad you found it amusing.

    • JannyC profile image


      8 years ago

      This hub is male oriented and males would find it useful about how to properly shave but I found it entertaining and learned something as a woman.


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