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Perfume Review: Vintage - Kate Moss

Updated on May 22, 2013
Vintage - Kate Moss
Vintage - Kate Moss

Vintage Kate Moss

For those who like to be “in tune” with the release of new perfumes - get ready, here comes the new fragrance by Kate Moss. Coty has launched in September 2009 the new perfume Vintage Kate Moss.This is the third fragrance released by the model. This releasing has been eagerly awaited by fans of the model.

There is little information available about the release of perfume but it is known that the fragrance was created by perfumer Oliver Polge and the bottle is in retro style, recalling how the very name of the perfume says: the years 20.

The flavor was described as a blend of fruity fragrances, floral and oriental. Based on notes of jasmine, almond blossom, tonka bean, vanilla, pink pepper, freesia, mandarin, heliotrope and musk.

Anyone who has felt the perfume says it is quite different from the 'Velvet Hour', another perfume released by the model. This one has a woody and floral essence and is taken as a drier perfume.

Kate Moss is also having a great success with the collection signed by the model through Top Shop. Topshop stores do not exist yet in many countries, but the collection signed by Kate Moss has already been marketed by many luxury shops in several countries in Europe.


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