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Perfume for Women: to Wear Or Not to Wear

Updated on March 12, 2014

Coco Chanel said: “A woman who does not wear perfume has no future.” Indeed, a fine lady in perfume is like a blossom in fragrance, sweet and charming. The synthetic flower essence improves the attractiveness and confidence, and thus implies a goal---to be what is---that she is or will be seeking. By the fragrance, people in her circle see her difference from others. Some women choose perfume by the brand, Beyonce Heat or Chanel No. 5, some choose by the type of fragrance, jasmine or rose, some by the intensity, light or strong, and some others may choose by the appearance of containers, all which reflect the personality and the pursuit of a woman. Well, the use of perfume proves a saying: it is women that makes the world beautiful and meaningful!

Coco Chanel
Coco Chanel | Source

However, not every woman likes wearing perfume, or we may say that many women do not wear perfume at any occasions. It is not because they cannot afford. Affluent they may be, but they cannot stand the smell. Perfume fragrance is different from natural flower scent, and has become an actural social issue. When we are in a meeting room, or a class, or a bus, or even in an elevator, with chemical odor filling in air, we may certainly feel bothered, depressed or even angry by the stimulants. In some public occasions, such as in hospitals, we can see signs with “odor free” on them. Then, is it indeed that a woman does not have future if she does not wear perfume? And is it necessary for a woman to wear perfume in appropriate occasions?

In fact, whether wear perfume or not, what kind to wear, and what occasions to wear for are clear solid personal choices.


There are various perfumes with various fragrance, and they tell various stories. A perfume with strong smell tells of tenacity, strength and decisiveness; a perfume with light smell tells of sweetness, tenderness and delicacy. A rose gives passion and romance, and a jasmine gives confidence and friendliness. Beyonce heat is warm, and No. 5 is noble. Which one to choose needs good thoughts!


As “the best color in the whole world is the one that looks good on you” (Coco Chanel), the best perfume in the whole world is the one with the fragrance that is able to present your personality. Well, a woman who firmly choose not to wear perfume is probably the smartest and the most tasty one, because she knows how to present her sophistication with visual and audible expressions: smile, gesture and words, then shines a radiance from inside, but leaves her “fragrance” to those who are willing to appreciate her to imagine.

A perfume is supposed to embody the spirit and the belief residing in a woman by matching her manners. It is possible that a woman wears Chanel No. 5 just because of the famous brand, but never knows the fragrance originated from a rose or a jasmine, never thinks why the number 5, and the spirit or mystery behind, and thus has no idea if herself likes this perfume with heart, and even is not clear if herself really likes the fragrance, but just wears it for the fame. She ignors that her behavior and the fragrance do not match, which makes people feel uncomfortable. Then, by no means she obtains what it is supposed to bring her.

The charm in the scent of a woman

It is also possible that a woman who never wears perfume does not necessarily dis-likes or un-fits it, but she never thinks it over. I have to say, such a woman does not really know herself, then does not really know about life, then does not really know other people in her life. When she has troubles in daily or at work, big or small, she usually feels confused and depressed. All problems with her lie in that she does not care how to maintain trivial life neat, fresh and tasty. In addition, some women choose mechanically a perfume, just for covering a body smell. It is useless! The perfume could be worse when it is not used to play the role in its way, because people do not see or sense, and thus are not influenced by, any freshened spirit by the perfume on the face and from body gesture, but smell an odor.

To choose what kind of perfume to wear should be based on self, not anyone else. It is foolish when a person tries to please everybody, and the one who knows him/her the best is him/herself. For example, when a lady takes others’ opinion to buy a dress that herself does not really like, she will always feel uncomfortable with the dress, even everyone else gives her compliments on it, and then she will always doubt if it looks good on her, and then her self-confidence will be frustrated. Find the one that we think the best on us, and let the fragrance tell who we are! Those who like us must also like the fragrance, whether it is rose or jasmine; those who do not like us must not like the fragrance, whether it is strong or light.

Therefore, whether a woman wear perfume or not does not necessarily indicate whether she has future or not. What counts is a firm decision, a careful choice, and the choice suggests a style and a taste, a simple life philosophy.


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Life is like a house, and it is wise to invest in decoration with significance that we put into not only money but also ideas. The house provides sustenance and necessities, but decoration in details anchors spirit and soul. To find the best perfume (including no perfume) on us is matter of fact to define ourselves at a point.


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    • Frank Poncharello profile image

      Frank Poncharello 3 years ago

      I find a lot of perfumes irritate me!