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Perfumes - Scents for your Senses

Updated on September 20, 2012
Perfume Bottle
Perfume Bottle | Source

In the realm of the senses - the perfume and its history

The history of perfume begins in the ancient civilizations of Egypt and India. Fresh or flowery and tangy and aromatic. Strong and masculine or feminine and delicate. Perfume comes in countless variations. For each type we find the right fragrance creation.

The practice of wrapping the body with fragrances is almost as old as humanity itself. Fragrances extracted from smoke were already used in the ancient civilizations of India and Egypt. Therefore also the present name 'perfume' is derived from then. Latin 'per fumum' means "through smoke." However, today's perfumes are usually put together from alcohol and fragrances. But the name has stuck.

The composition of perfumes

Perfume is sold in small bottles, but that does not mean that in these perfumes is not a highly complex mixture. The term "perfume" actually refers to all types of fragrances, including eau de cologne. But the modern terminology separates between colognes for men and perfumes for women. Essentially, all potions of the right perfume to aftershaves are set together from different fragrance oils, which are diluted with a solvent such as ethanol. Generally every perfume is a mixture of essential oils, fragrances, fixatives and a solvent - mostly ethanol.

As a perfume you actually refer only to very lush scents, but also most of the ladies perfumes - with the exception of face water - are classified in the category of "Perfume". Next is Eau de Parfum and Eau de Toilette, both with a concentration of 10-15% aromatic fragrances. Colognes are somewhat more diluted, while tonic and aftershave have the lowest concentration of aromatic substances.

Regardless of the type of scent, perfumes generally consist of three parts. These parts, which are also called scents, are the main note, middle note and base note. It may take up to 30 minutes after applying the perfume, until these notes take effect. All three components influence each other. Each fragrance contains these three different components, and this includes the traditional scents such as floral, bouquet, amber, wood, leather, chypre (from the French "Cyprus") and Fougere (from the French "fern"). Under these classic categories patchouli perfume scent is associated with wood, while tobacco is likely to be associated with leather. Bergamot, Lemon, the first citrus scent is a chypre-like fragrance, while Fougere is often based on lavender, coumarin and oakmoss. These basic types are not related exclusively to perfumes, but also apply to cologne.

The modern perfume industry also knows, in addition to these classical categories, the types of green, light and floral, watery, citrus, fruity and gourmand. While some terms such as "green" are explained by itself, others require a brief explanation. Light and floral aromas for example, combine scents from the field and flowery and bouquet, while gourmet dessert consists of scents, such as tonka bean, vanilla or white chocolate. Some perfumes combine themselves from these new categories to create green, floral or gourmand scents.

Perfumes as a gift idea

From sporty to elegant fragrance types

Perfumes are a special present for virtually any occasion, but given the wide range in beauty shops and online stores the clients decision is not easy sometimes. Online stores offer tips to find the type of smell which suits you.

Numerous commercially fragrance creations are available online. As a gift for friends and relatives an eau de toilette or an eau de parfum is perfect. Men can also be given the joy of smelling good with an aftershave.

The challenge however is to find a matching scent. It is helpful to orient yourself to the character of the person to gift. Ultimately a fragrance is intended to underline the personality and individual style. For example women who are wearing feminine clothes and accessories, playful, often prefer sweet and romantic scents of sandalwood and musk. If the clothes are mostly classic and elegant, it is advisable to rather use an unremarkable, and perhaps slightly tart scent. For example, for sporting types, fit and fresh fruity aromas.

Another criterion for many is the design of the bottle, representing the fragrance. Thus, a perfume bottle with a fancy look might be the right choice for extravagant people.

Do you wear perfume or cologne?

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    • anglnwu profile image


      7 years ago

      Thanks for the information. Picking a perfume that interacts well with your body is essential. I don't think I'll leave home without at least a little perfume--got to smell good. Rated up.


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